Monday, August 15, 2005

Fishing Spots

Here is a list of fishing spots that we (either myself or Navin) have fished before. I can't really recall all the places. But I will update every now and then with more new places that we have explored.
  1. One Fathom Bank. *Highly Recommended
  2. Pulau Sembilan *Highly Recommended
  3. Sun Vista Ship Wreck *Highly Recommended
  4. Hutan Melintang *Highly Recommended
  5. Pulau Angsa. *Highly Recommended
  6. Secret Lubang, Straits of Malacca. *Highly Recommended
  7. Kelong Fauzy, Lukut
  8. Marina World Resort, Port Dickson
  9. Sungai Pelek
  10. Pulau Indah Jetty
  11. Desa Sportfishing Pond (paypond)
  12. Pulau Indah Paypond (paypond)
  13. Bagan Lalang, Selangor
  14. Batu Caves ex-mining pond
  15. Ex-mining ponds around Bukit Beruntung
  16. Sea Lion Pond, Klang (paypond)
  17. Lighthouse area, Port Dickson
  18. Kampung Timah, Rawang
  19. Angler's Paradise, Pulau Indah
  20. River in Banting, Selangor
  21. Ex-mining pond in Rawang
  22. Subang Jaya Lake
  23. Sg. Buaya (paypond)
  24. Hulu Langat area (payponds)
  25. Taman Cuepacs, Cheras (paypond)
  26. Pulau Penyabong
I know there is more but I cant seem to recall them. Anyway, if any of you need more information on these fishing spot, drop me a line at
We can help to organize a trip especially to the ones that we strongly recommend.


dailamo said...

Sharma anna,where is the batu caves ex mining pond?

Krazie Fishie said...

batu cave ex-mining pond behind the used car area...
u know the row of many many used car...
Behind the shell and petronas station.

dailamo said...

What fish got there anna,I am intrested to joining your team crazyfisherman.I am 14 years old and have 3 years fishing experience.

sanjiev said...

hi bro...normally we will go fishing at Serendah inside a jungle....we have been there for about 6 times and till now we have cought 30+ fish...all haruan about 1-3 kg...but now we are planning to change our port...i heard that there are many pond in Beruntung...So, can u pls recommend me a place in beruntung with complete address...coz i have never been there b4....if can pls provide me ur contact num or call me at 0176861461; sanjiev...or email me at one day we can go fishing together bro....thanks bro have a nice day...

Anonymous said...

Subang Jaya lake has been shut down by SIME DARBY... sad T_T

Anonymous said...

The fishing sopt in banting is the banting river below the bridge is it?

john said...

amigo im a freshwater angler from new jersey, i would appreciate your help in locating fishing spots in selangor; i did look up your listed spots :D ! and clocked em in my GPS haha ! but some i am unable to locate :( please help me out with possible areas i can angle some snakeheads ! cheers buddy ! and thanks again for sharing your valuable angling knowledge about fishing spots in selangor :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, was googling to find soe good spots for fishing when i came by your blog. May I know if it is legal to fish anywhere in Malaysia? Is the Klang Dam a good fishing spot? Do we have to pay to fish?

Sorry, quite new to lake fishing. Used to do sea fishing last time.