Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fishermans Philosophy

A sure way to get a bite on a slow day is:
  1. Talk about changing spots.
  2. Prepare another rod while one is out.
  3. Lay your rod down unsecured.
  4. Go for a sandwich.
  5. Start to pull the boat anchor.
  6. Crack open your first beer.
  7. Crack open your last beer.
  8. Take notice of the chick on a passing boat, bank or beach.
  9. Watch others fishing.
  10. Start reeling in your lines at going home time.
  11. Give your fishing rod to a female companion or child to hold.
  12. When your landing net is out of reach.
  13. When you have cast your line over an obstruction.
  14. When you line has drifted into impossible weeds.
  15. When you turn to look at the sunrise or sunset.
  16. Decide that you need to take a leak.

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