Thursday, September 29, 2005

Theory of a Crazy Fisherman

My hands are itching to wet my lines. Sadly, my regular fishing kaki Mr. DHL would not be available until the end of this week. The reason for this is because he has an exam coming up on Saturday and he has a lot of studying and revision to do. Being the kind soul that I am, I've decided not to bother him until he finishes his exams.
I am thinking of trying out a new fishing theory that I have. Well, the theory goes something like this.

Whenever Mr. DHL and myself go fishing together, most of the time (about 95.9%) we end up with NO fish at all. But then, whenever Mr. DHL, myself, Jeishen and May go fishing together, Mr. DHL and myself will be getting hits after hits. (Sorry Jeishen, proven fact). And then when Mr. DHL goes fishing by himself, he will USUALLY (about 99.9%) come back with excuses like
  • I didn't hook the fish properly.
  • The fish managed to break my line,
  • My 50 pound line putus, so it must have been a big fish.
  • The pond owner cheated, he didn't put any fish in the pond.
  • I didn't have enough beer to fish the whole night so I had to pack up early.
  • I used the wrong bait.
  • The mosquitoes we distracting me.
  • My rod too long for this pond.
  • And the list goes on.

I haven't tried going fishing on my own yet. Maybe when I am fishing alone my luck would change. Maybe without Mr. DHL I could be getting hits after hits. And to prove my theory right, I am going out fishing in Port Klang tonight. See how my luck goes. If not tonight then definitely tomorrow night I will be going. The weather is rather bad at the moment so if things go as planned tonight, tomorrow night I will be landing the 5 kilo Siakap or Kerapu.

Wish me luck folks.........

"Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl." ~ Ernest Hemingway

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