Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fishing 4 Big

Here is an excerpt of an email that was sent to me today by Mr. DHL.

" Dear guys and lady,

Listen to the news I have. I am sure all must be very very tired of going fishing with no results!!!! Well I have done some background research, called up a few places and bang! found the best fishing location which will promise us the fulfillment of having our rods bent with every cast. Well I had this long conversation with the tackle shop guy in Rawang (40 minutes). He recommended "One Phantom Bank" !!@$&^$%! Yes! He says no regrets! Among his list of catch include:

  • Apollo jigging - minimum 3 ice boxes of Selar, Tamban, Whitings (palm size and bigger!!!!! whoooo hooo
  • Queenfish/Bekalang - most common catch 3-10kgs (this will take off at bullet speed) Imagine line just peeling off your reel
  • Grouper/Kerapu - 1-5kgs
  • Jenahak - up to 15kgs
  • Siakap - 5 kgs very common
  • and lots more - you tengok hah, pancing itu kadang mau tengok nasib juga, semua boleh ikan sembilang heh, kerapu heh, sikap heh, tivelly heh dulu sya ada 50kgs pun kena

So he gives me the no of the boat man Mr Nozami... i called him and the statistics:

  • 1:15 mins hour by boat - near the Indonesian boundary - I',m sure Jeishen is already dismissing the idea! anyway,
  • It's a lighthouse - equipped as a fishing destination (with all facilities for the city angler) even the bathroom's are air conditioned, cooking etc
  • He says - start at afternoon for one full day (best time for bigger catch is at night)
  • Boat (33' length 8' wide) 60 hp engine X 3 = 180hp (speedboat) Woh hoh - life jackets included for Jesihen he will throw in one additional!
  • Trip - by groups (recommended 10 people) ^6 would be sufficient and ideal
  • Boatman will be around throughout ( option to fish from the lighthouse area) or he will take us to all the ship wrecks and islands around
  • Cost $900 ringgit
  • Bait - don't need just bring plenty of appolo's (big ones)
  • Selar Kuning - 1 day (30 kgs is nothing) according to him
  • Operations - they have been operating for the past 8 years
  • Depart - from Port Klang
  • Availability: booked for the whole month October except:
  • Suggestion: 22 October (Saturday) only day available - he says is good day.

So guys if you wanna throw all the bullshit we have been getting, lets take this offer. We just need two more people and each will need to fork out $150 only for a fishing trip that you will never forget. Don't wait please provide your confirmations.

Thanks and cheers!!"

Sound very promising eh..... I sure do hope the trip will materialize... It would be a great shame if it didn't take place. Oh ya... if I don't get at least half the amount of fish that was mentioned in the e-mail above, I will be doing a garage sale with the following caption.


Hehehehhe..... Okie then... bye......

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