Monday, January 09, 2006

Catch Report : Kelong Fauzy Episode 2

Saturday (7 January 2006). Left the office early for a short fishing trip at the kelong. Normally me and my fishing kaki will do a 12 or 18 hour fishing trip to the kelong. This time however, due to time constrant we had to cut short our kelong fishing. We planned for a 5 hour fishing trip to the kelong. BAD IDEA..!!!! (read on to find out more).

Arrived at the jetty at around 2.30 pm. Bad luck... As soon as we unloaded our gears from the car, it started to rain. HEAVY..!!!!! We had to sit at the jetty to wait for the rain to settle down a bit because our boatman refused to go out in the rain. at about 3pm the rain stopped. YEAH..!!!! We quickly loaded our gears onto the boat and headed of to the kelong.

Arrived at the kelong at about 3.15 pm. Luckily there was not many people on the kelong. There was a group of 6 people on the kelong at thast time. Well... they were more interested in having a good time rather than fishing. There were 3 guys and 3 girls there. Use your imagination. Hehehehe...

Upon reaching the kelong, we realized one deadly mistake that an angler shouldn't have made. We had failed to check for the tide before leaving KL. Thus, when we arrived at the kelong, the time was going down. And it was going down fast. My guess was at that time, the depth around the kelong was only about 4 feet. Imagine fishing in 4 feet of water. Since we couldnt fish around the kelong, we decided to cast as far away as possible from the kelong. Another mistake.!!!

The kelong is surround by corals. One wrong cast, your rig will land in coral infested water. The moment we tried to reel in our line, it would get stuck. Things are not looking good for us. I switched to Storm Soft Bait lure. Tried casting and hoping that the biggies (or whatever fish) will be tempted by the bait and take it. No such luck.

At about 5pm, we switched to apollo jigging, Hopefully we can land some selar kuning, which is said to be abundant around the kelong. No such luck either. No bites, not nibbles. I would say that every 10 times we jig, we would land one selar kuning. The odded were greatly increased after some time. Maybe after 20 jigs we would land one fish.

At around 7.15, the boat came to fetch us. Me and Navin were tempted to tell the boatman to go back and come get us the following day. But then, we had a function to attend that nite, and we were already running late. With a heavy heart, we left the kelong. Our total catch for the day, 7 selar kuning.


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