Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Catch Report : Pulau Indah, Port Klang

Location : Pulau Indah Jetty, Port Klang
Date : 9 January 2006
Time : 9.00 pm
Bait used : Live prawns, fresh squids, sea worms (pumpun), live mullet fish (ikan belanak)
Number of rods : Sharma : 2 Rods, Navin : 3 Rods
Total Catch : 5 – Gelama

Chronology of events

9 January 2006 (7:30pm)
Called up my fishing kaki, Navin, asking him where on earth is he? He was supposed to meet me at my place at 7:15 pm. It’s already 7:30pm and he is STILL at home. Yet again, our fishing trip never seems to start on time. According to the GREAT Navin, the tide was supposed to come in at 7.30 pm. He wanted to start fishing as the tide was coming in.

9 January 2006 (8:30pm)
Still no sign of the GREAT Navin.

9 January 2006 (9:15pm)
Finally, Navin arrives. After loading his gears into my car, we headed towards Port Klang.

9 January 2006 (9:45pm)
Arrived at Pulau Indah Paypond. Wanted to get some fresh bait for fishing. Got 10 live prawns and 4 mullets (ikan belanak). Along d way, we stopped at a roadside stall to get our pumpun bait. After getting the necessary baits, we then proceeded towards the Pulau Indah Jetty.

9 January 2006 (10:15pm)
Arrived at the jetty. Guess what? The jetty was EMPTY…!!!! We had d whole jetty for ourselves. We then proceeded to unload our equipments from the car.

9 January 2006 (10:35pm)
First line goes into the water. I was using pumpun as bait. There were bites but no solid hook up. Maybe the hook was too big. I had to change my hooks. Shortly after changing hooks, I got my first fish. It was a small gelama. At that time I was using my 8 foot medium heavy Abu Garcia Rod paired with my Penn reel which was loaded 25lb mono line. Seeing that the fish was small, I decided to change to my Shakespeare rod. It was a light action rod. I paired it with my Abu Garcia Cardinal reel which had a 17 lb mono line. Ligher rod, better action. Seeing that the pumpun was not getting anymore bites. I changed my bait to prawn. Since we had a lot of live prawns, I took one out from the bait box and cut that fella up to use as bait.

9 January 2006 (11:30pm)
By now, I had caught about 4 fishes already. It's time to try out the latest arsenal in my tackle box... SOFT BAIT. Recently i went down to Tightlines Sunway and managed to met hold of some soft baits from Storm Lures. I rigged a small bait... Cast... Reel...Jerk... Reel... Jerk.... Cast... Reel.. Jerk... Reel... Jerk.. Cast.....

10 January 2006 (12:30am)
Tired... Been casting, jerking and reeling for the past hour without a single bite. Time to change my rig. Back to pumpun. Manage to get another gelama. The GREAT Navin is starting to get frustrated... His trusted Abu Garcia Workhorse rod doesn't seem to be giving him anything. Not even a single bite on his rod. What a pity. Hehehehe...

10 January 2006 (2.00 am)
Time to call it a night. Until next time.

:::... 5 gelama chilling in the cooler box ...:::


mangrooveDan said...

bro, how much u paid for the 10 shrimps and 4 belanaks?

Pathma said...

Fishing sounds like fun ..never tried it b4

Krazie Fishie said...

pathma..... It is fun.. you should try it out someday... Anyway, thanx for wishing my site... do come again...

Sandra Saykeran said...

bro, think the jetty at south port is a better fishing spot if u do no want to hire a boat for sea fishing. Go late night n it is peaceful to fish, of course check out the tide too.

Hex said...

Dude... Gimme a call d next time, man! I need fishing kaki! Lol... Here's muy numba... 014 9602725