Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fluke Shot Toman

Christmas Eve 2005. Received a call from my cousin Jeishen in the morning asking me if I was interested to wet some lines. Due to the fact that it was Christmas Eve, and my mom had something planned for Christmas, I decided to give give this trip a miss. A decision that I would regret later.

Later in the night, I received a mms on my phone. I thought that the mms could be from one of my friends who wanted to wish me Merry Christmas. I was wrong...

The mms was from Jeishen, holding his fish. A bloody toman weight almost 2 kilo. According to him he had a good fight. Good for him.

A few days later, I met up with Jeishen. Due to my curiosity, I asked him about the toman. I couldn't help laughing at him when he told me what really happened. The story goes like this.

Jeishen was actually fishing for lampam. He was using dedak as bait. What happened was, a baby lampam took his dedak bait. As he was reeling in his baby lampam, a monster of a toman saw the baby lampam swimming helpess and decided to make a meal out of it.

To Jeishen's credit, although it was a fluke shot toman, a toman is still a toman. The trill of getting a toman is always wonderful. A big congratulations to him...!!!

:::... Jeishen with his fluke shot toman ...:::


Anonymous said...

y r ur dates mixed up?how come january stories come 1st b4 dec? btw, did santa bring u d christmas present dat u wished for?
-ur fave cousin-

Krazie Fishie said...

Date not mix up lar.... didn't have anything to write... so write now lar... better than nothing..

Nope... I didn't get what I wanted... :(

KaY said...