Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2 guys, 2 rods, and 6 fishes

Location : Desa Sportfishing Pond, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.
Date : 3 April 2006
Time : 8.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 1 Rod
Price : RM20.00 for 3 hour of fishing.
Total Catch : Tongsan - 2 (2.2kg & 1.5kg), Baung - 4 (Biggest was 1.5kg, the rest less than 1 kg)

It has been a long time since the both of us had gone fishing. Navin and myself have been quite busy for the past few weekends. Plus all our previous trips were not that successful.

We decided to fish at the Taman Desa Pond because it was convinient and close by...

So after work, both of us met up at the pond. Suprisingly, for once, our fishing started on time.

We quickly rigged our bait and started to fish. I had my line in the water first. Navin cast about 10 minutes after I cast. About 10 minutes after Navin had his line in the water he got a strike. He gave a mighty strike and managed to get a hook up. After a short tussle, a magnificant baung emerged. First catch for the day.

after the first catch, the action was pretty slow. The next bite only came approximately after one hour of fishing. This time I got a bite on my line. I gave a jerk and managed get a hook-up. The fight was not that great. The fish was quite heavy but put up minimum fight. Only as the fish got closer did it start to make desperate run for freedom. I had initially thought that I had hooked up another baung, but to our suprise the fish was a tongsan. We were using earthworms as bait and didn't expect to get a tongsan (grass carp). It did give a little fight, but I managed to land it. The fish weighted a whooping 1.5 kg. After landing the fish, I joking told Navin, at this rate, we would be able to land 6 fishes in 3 hours. We had only fished for 1 hour and we had already gotten 2 fishes.

The next fish was caught by Navin. This time he had a baung on the other end of his tackle. Quite a fiesty fella. Gave Navin quite a fright by its erratic runs. With the skillful maneuvering of the rod, Navin managed to land a nice baung specimen weighing 1.5kg.

Navin was all smiles after that. Both of us have dis nasty habit of making fun of each other after successfully landing a fish. This time I was on the receiving end. Navin was singing and whistling away. The singing got even louder as he landed his 3rd fish for the day. Yet anopther baung fell for his bait.

We had another 30 minutes of fishing left, the score now was Navin leading 3 fishes to 1. Suddenly Navin's rod took a mighty dip. He gave a strike and managed to get a solid hook-up. From the way Navin fought the fish, we could sense that it was a biggie. As it got closer, we could see that is was another tongsan. By this time, we had attracted quite a following. Most of the people fishing there didn't get any bites. We were the heroes for the night. After successfully landing the fish. A few guys came up to Navin to congratulate him. Among the remarks that he got were "Makan besar la ini malam", "Champion lah you kawan", "Manyak onnggg lu ini malam". The tongsan that Navin landed weighted 2.2 kg. Damn big...

To cap a successful night out, I managed to land the final fish. It was a small baung weighing less than a kilo. Objective achieved...!!! 3 hours, 6 fishes.

Final tally : Navin 4 - Sharma 2.

Total Catch : 6 fishes
Tongsan that I caught : 1.5 kg
Tongsan that Navin caught : 2.2 kg
Navin's baung : 1.5 kg
Total 4 baung caught
Total 2 tongsan caught

p.s. Sorry for the poor picture quality. Taken with a camera phone. Left my digital camera at home.


nestrules said...

ep, aku rasa la, yg ko cakap tongsan tu kan, nama dia rohu la..
kalau x silap aku la..

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work!

Tim Moody
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