Monday, April 17, 2006

2 guys, 6 fishes, 4 species

Location : Desa Sportfishing Pond, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.
Date : 15 April 2006
Time : 8.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms (Cacing Gila)
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 1 Rod
Price : RM20.00 for 3 hour of fishing.
Total Catch : Tongsan - 1 (2.75kg), Baung - 2 (Biggest was around 1.2kg, the other less than 1 kg), Pacu - 2 (Both were less than 1 kg each), Haruan - 1 (Less than 1 kg)

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunderstorm has struck Kuala Lumpur. Lightning flashed, and thunder boomed across the dark night. Did this condition detered us Crazyfishermen from fishing? HELL NO..!!!! We were armed and ready to go.

Armed with our trusty weapons (rods and reels) and a bag of ammunition (Cacing Gila), we proceeded to the pond. We arrived at around 8.00pm.

We proceed to rig our rods. I opted for the 2 hook strategy and Navin went for the 3 hook strategy. We had wanted to fish from our usual spot, but it has already been occupied. We had no choice but to fish from a different spot. We had a few bites but no solid hook up. Mysteriously, our lines were getting stuck and we had to rerig out lines. I lost one rig and Navin lost 2 rigs.

Finally, the guys who were occupying our spot left. Just as we were about to move place I got a bite. I gave a firm stike and managed to get a hookup. First blood. It was a baung.

:::... First blood. Baung by Sharma ...:::

Navin was not happy. I had got the first fish. After a quickly re-baiting my hooks with fat and juicy Cacing Gila, I cast my line. I didn't cast too far. Not long after that, I got a bite. I gave my rod a mightly whack and was rewarded with a solid hookup. I could feel that the fish was heavy. As the fish got nearer, it started to put up a fight. It was a freaking tongsan..!!! Yeah baby... Navin wasn't too happy. The score now was 2 - 0.

:::... A mighty 2.75kg tongsan ...:::

:::... Note the size of the tongsan compared to a cigaratte box ...:::

Navin wasn't happy. He was still trailing me. Then it happened..!!! His rod gave a soft twitch and suddenly want into a mighty dip. With panther like agility, Navin gave his rod a firm whack and managed to get a hook up. After a short battle, a fat baung was subdued and subsequently landed.

:::... Navin's first catch. 1 kg plus baung ...:::

The score now is 2 - 1. You could feel the tension building. The next fish was landed by me. It was a haruan. Didn't put up much fight.

:::... Sharma proudly posing with the haruan ...:::

:::... Haruan caught on cacing gila ...:::

Navin was feeling the heat. The score now is myself leading 3 to 1. The it happened. My rod ceased to have any bites and Navin got 2 succesive bites in a row. He had managed to land 2 pacus in a gap of 10 minutes. The score is now even. 3 fish Sharma, 3 fish Navin.

:::... Navin with his first pacu for the night ...:::

:::... The two pacu that were caught by Navin ...:::

The final 30 minutes was intense. Both of us were silent. No jokes, no conversations whatsoever. Both of us concentrated hard on both our rods to see if there were any nibbles.

30 minutes passed and still no fish. We decided to call it a day.

Final tally : Sharma - 1 tongsan, 1 baung and 1 haruan. Navin - 1 baung and 2 pacu.

:::... Total Catch For The Night ...:::

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