Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Haruan heaven....!!!

Location : Ex-mining pond, Rawang
Date : 22 April 2006
Time : 6.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms (Cacing Gila)
Number of rods : Sharma : 2 Rods, Navin : 2 Rods
Total Catch : Haruan - 2

After the dissapointing previous trip, me and Navin planned a second assault on the Rawang pond.

As usual, our fishing plans never go as planned. We had initially planned to leave Navin's place at 4.00pm but due to unforseen circumstance (resident's meeting my ass), we only left at 5.45pm. By the time we got to Rawang, it was already 6.30pm.

We quickly rigged our gears and started fishing. We chose a different spot this time.

:::... The spot where we fished from ...:::

:::... The spot where we fished from ...:::

:::... Beautiful Sunset ...:::

:::... Beautiful Sunset ...:::

This time around, we decided to fish using Cacing Gila exclusively. Earlier, when we got to the pond, there was a group of guys fishing. They looked like regulars at the pond. They asked us what bait were we using, and when we replied cacing, he said that we can sit the whole night and we would not get a bite. We are out to prove him wrong. Plus, we are talking about Cacing Gila here. Ikan mana tak makan cacing?. (To the boss of cacing gila, got commission ka for promoting cacing gila... hehehehe).

:::... Cacing Gila ...:::

As the night grew darker, Navin came out with his trusted carbide light. The damn thing actually works. Two lights is nore than enug tho light up the place.

:::... Let there be light ...:::

After about 2 hours of fishing, Navin got the first fish. It was a haruan. Hehehhee... we have proved the guy wrong. Who say the fish won't take cacing. We are talking about cacing gila here. Navin was super hyper after the catch.

:::... First fish. Why lah so serious the face ...:::

:::... Proudly posing with his fish ...:::

:::... With a face like that, how a fish resist ...:::

After that the action was slow. At about 10.30pm we decided to pack up and leave. Looks like Navin got the upper hand this time. I'm beaten. As I was packing my stuff, one the bells on my rod was twitching. Then my other rod gave the same noise. Seems like there was fish nibbling on the bait, but didn't take the whole bait. I waited for the fish to take the bait. This went on for about 30 minutes. Then it happened...!!!!! One of my rods took a dip. I quickly gave a strike to set the hook. Fish on...!!!! I had a hook-up..!!!!

At that time Navin was already cursing me. He had planned to gloat the whole night.... thinking he had the only fish. After a brief fight with the fish, a fine looking haruan was landed.

:::... Sharma with his fish ...:::

:::... Pride Saving Fish ...:::

:::... Thanks for saving my pride. Muahhh...!!!! ...:::

We called it a night after the fish was caught. After a dinner stop, finally got back home at around 3.00 am.

Total catch : 2 haruan (One each)

:::... Total Catch ...:::

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