Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Peacock Bass Hunting

Yesterday (11 April 12006) was a public holiday and Team Crazyfisherman decided to go out hunting for Peacock Bass(PB). It has been a long time since the four of us went fishing together. As a matter of fact, yesterday was the first time that Jeishen and May fished for this year!!! They were quite occupied with their work and their wedding dinner preparations.

The spot we chose to hunt for PBs was at an ex-mining pond somewhere in Rawang. According to Jeishen, he had fished there before and managed to land a PB within 15 minutes of casting. Sounds very promising....

We rigged our rods and then proceeded to fish. We had an array of baits. We brought chicken intestines, cow liver, dedak, earthworms and frogs.

We fished for about 6 hours and the result was ZERO. Maybe we fished at the wrong time. According to the locals, fishes the pond only bite early in the morning and late evening. Hrmm... wrong timing perhap. The day wasn't without its actions.

Navin managed to get a hook-up but was unable to land the fish. The fish jumped and managed to throw the hook away.

As for me, I was casting the whole time. I didn't get any bites. the was one occasion where I saw a fish following my lure, but it didn't bite. I wonder why. Maybe the size of the lure was too big. I was using a 90mm Halco Sorcerer.

By the time we had finished fishing, I had lost about 3 lures. Lost my Halco Sorcerer, Berkeley Bladedancer and Storm Soft Lure.

We left the pond with aching limbs, sun-burnt skin and scratches all over. The place looks promising and I am sure Navin and myself will be back.

:::... View of the pond. Looks promising ...:::

:::... The lubuk according to the locals. A lot of fish they say ...:::

:::... My Halco Sorcerer moments before I lost it. RIP...:::

:::... Navin & May casting away ...:::

:::... Jeishen Looking Cool & Composed ...:::

:::... This is the spot where I was casting from ...:::

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