Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Subang Jaya Lake

Last Sunday was a boring Sunday. Woke up late and there was nothing on tv. Dug up my collection of PS2 games and found my fishing game. Rapala Pro Fishing. Kenot go out and fish, fish at home pun ok lah.

It was fine until evening came. My sister and her fiance were teasing me for fishing at home. Remarks like, "So kesian fishing in the tv", "Hahahahaha...." can be heard. It was then that I decided to go to the Subang Jaya Lake. I read a lot about this lake and wanted to try fishing there. Who knows... beginner's luck maybe.

After some initial difficulties in locating the pond, I managed to located to pond. (Thanx Thava from MFN).

I picked out a spot and started to do my casting. I was using spoons as my lure. Shortly after arriving, I received a call from Navin. He said that he will be coming to join me.

Navin arrived and proceeded to rig his rod. He was going to do bottom fishing. I was casting all the way.

After about an hour or so of casting, we decided to call it a day. I was getting dark and I had a race to catch (F1 Lah... showing on TV).

The place looks promising enough. We plan to return to the pond some other time.

:::... Location map of the Subang Jaya Pond ...:::

:::... Sunset ...:::

:::... The spot where I was casting from ...:::

:::... Beautiful sunset ...:::

:::... so calm and peaceful ...:::

:::... What a scenery. Such nice fishing conditions ...:::

:::... Navin's rod ...:::

:::... Here fishy fishy ...:::

:::... Come fish come... come to papa ...:::

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