Monday, May 15, 2006

Angling Fair 2006 : Review

Last Saturday (13 May 2006), Navin and myself went down to MidValley to have a look at the Angling Fair Exhibition.

We had initially thought that the Fair would be a perfect place to hunt for bargian. How wrong we were. It was actually a fair to promote the various types of angling equipments available in the market and the technology behind it.

There were a few booths that were selling angling items, but the items offered we more on the low end type.

I did enjoy some of the booths such as the Shimano Booth, Berkeley / Abu Garcia Booth, KAGUM (Kelah Action Group), PeMM, and a few boat manufacturers/importers.

I purchased a VCD from PeMM booth. It was a VCD on Major Ismail's fishing. Lucky me Major was around when I purchased the VCD, I managed to get an authograph from the man himself. For the uninitiated, Major Ismail is the President of PeMM (Persatuan Memancing Malaysia.

Personally, I would have prefered if counters such as Shimano and Berkeley were selling their products. The price for some of the products being sold by other companies, in my opinion were the same as what you would get in the tackle shop. Certain items were infact more expensive that what you would find in the tackle shop.

Here are some picture taken during the fair. Didn't take too much pictures as I was busy looking at the items on display.

:::... Shimano Booth ...:::

:::... I would say this was the best booth of the fair ...:::

:::... Some of the reels on display at the Shimano Booth ...:::

:::... More Shimano Reels ...:::

:::... By far the biggest reel I have seen in my life ...:::

:::... Coleman Inflatable boat. Our next possible purchase ...:::

:::... Fishing Fun with Major Ismail...:::

:::... Authographed VCD by Major Ismail...:::


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