Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sungai Buaya Paypond

Location : Sungai Buaya Paypond, Rawang.
Date : 14 May 2006
Time : 6.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms (Cacing Gila)
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 2 Rods
Price : RM20.00 for 4 hour of fishing. (Per Rod)
Total Catch : 3 Patin (Biggest 3.25kg, the rest around 2 kg plus)

We had travelled to Rawang to do some fishing. We had found this paypond in the kampung area during one of our fishing trip. As usual, our plan never start on time, what was supposed to start at 5.00pm, only started at 6.30pm.

The paypond was located in the kampung area and it was very calm and peaceful. Even the pond was quite clean. There were no rubbish thrown all over the place or smell associated with the normal ponds that we usually go to.

After quickly setting up our gear, we started to fish. I had the first hook-up. The fish was quite a fighter. I could feel that it was a biggie... As the fish got closer to the shore, Navin stood by, ready to land the fish with the landing net. Unfortunately, the fish decided to make one final run and the leader that i was using came into contact with the landing net. As a result, the leader snap and the fish got away.

Shortly after that unfortunate incident, Navin got a hook-up. From the looks of it, the fish could be a biggie. He played around with the fish, tiring it out before slowly bring close to the shore. As a result, he was rewarded with a handsome 2 kg plus patin.

:::... First Catch ...:::

:::... Nice, Clean Looking Patin ...:::

Navin was beaming with pride after the first catch. I was under pressure to perform. Guess luck was not on my side that night. Navin got a second hook-up. This time the fight was even greater. Navin was worried that his line won't be able to stand the strain. He skillfully controlled the fish and managed to tire the fish. I went for the landing net and scooped the fish into the net. I was shocked at the weight of the fish. It was HEAVY..!!!! We then placed the fish on the weighing scale, and the fish weighed a heafty 3.25 kg.

:::... Second Catch ...:::

:::... Weighing in at a massive 3.25 kg ...:::

By then, I had gradually lost interest to fish. We were both fishing side by side but Navin seems to be getting all the fishing. Something wrong with my tactic? I wonder...

About 30 minutes before our time was up, Navin got another strike. After some initial difficulties, the fish was safely landed. It was a 2 kg plus patin.

:::... Final Fish For The Night ...:::

:::... Total Catch For The Night, all by Navin ...:::

After fishing we stopped by at a reataurant and enquired if the could cook the fish for us. The cook said no problem. We gave one fish to cook, and told the guy to cook it in two different style. Suprisingl, the fish didn't have the smell normally associated with pond fish. This fish looked clean and didn't taste muddy.

:::... Steamed Patin with minced chili as seasoning ...:::

:::... Steamed Patin ...:::

It was an enjoyable trip, and we are planning to go down there again this weekend. A good place for a weekend retreat.

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