Monday, May 29, 2006

A Visit To JD Artac, Johor Baru

I was down in Johor Baru last week for work purpose and I managed to find the time (more like ponteng kerja) to pay a visit to Uncle Thomas. To those who don't know, Uncle Thomas is the proud owner of JD Artac and an active member of Malaysia Fishing Network (MFN) Forum.

After some initial setbacks (new in town, dunno the roads in JB), I managed to locate the shop. I had earlier sent an sms to Uncle Thomas telling him of my intentions of visiting him. He welcomed me with open arms.

I had a great time at his place. Believe or not, I spent almost 4 hours in his shop, not shopping but talking to him. He was a gracious host.

He showed me his collection of photos. There were lots of interesting pictures. I also had running commentary while flipping thru the pictures. Uncle Thomas also showed me some newspaper clipping which he had framed up. The clipping were mostly about his fishing escapade during his younger days.

I also had the opportunity to test out the power of the Thomas Stroker. No..!!! I don't mean Uncle Thomas Stroking me... what i meant was the custom rods that is handcrafted by Uncle Thomas and sold under the brand Thomas Stroker. I was quite taken aback by the lightness and the strength of the rod. I even had the chance to test out the strength. Hrrmm... I think i know what my next purchase would be...

Uncle Thomas then did some knot tying demonstration. He showed me a simple way of doing a bimini twist, using just 2 hands, instead of using 2 hands, mouth, legs, thighs and other body part. Quick, simple and strong.

It was fun while it lasted... I didn't want to leave, but seeing that I had taken too much of Uncle Thomas' time, I decided to leave, with the promise that I would be back someday.

Here are some pictures taken during my visit. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

:::... The one and only, Uncle Thomas Lee (note the pc in the background, that's the MFN homepage. Vincent would be soooooo proud) ...:::

:::... Thomas Stroker Rods ...:::

:::... More Thomas Stroker Rods ...:::

:::... A Replica of the Marlin that was caught by Uncle Thomas (the replica is of the same size as the fish caught) ...:::

:::... Compare the size of the fish to Uncle Thomas ...:::

:::... The note below the Marlin (click on the picture for a bigger view) ...:::

:::... The view outside the shop ...:::

:::... JD Artac's business card ...:::

Thank you Uncle Thomas for your hospitality....

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