Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fishing Land, Sri Kembangan

Location : Fishing Land, Sri Kembangan
Date : 16 July 2006
Time : 8.00 am - 12.30 pm
Bait used : Lures and live baby seluang
Price : RM26.00 per person.
Total Catch : Peacock Bass - 3 (2 by me on lure, 1 by Pacu on live seluang), Toman - 1 (By Rortate on lure)

A bunch of us from Malaysian Fishing Forum (MFN) decided to get together and attack Fishing Land in Sri Kembangan. The participants on that day were Rorytate, his girlfriend Vinnie, Pacu, 4sun and yours trully Krazie Fishie.

Everyone had their reason for going fishing that day. I was aiming for my first ever fish on lure, Pacu, Rorytate and Vinnie were there for the fun of it and 4sun was there to horne his baitcasting skills from sifu Rorytate.

:::... View of the lake ...:::

:::... A different view of the lake ...:::

:::... Jetty for land based anglers...:::

All of us met up at a mamak shop for our breakfast before proceeding to the pond. Once we arrived at the pond, Rorytate showed 4sun a few pointers on the proper baitcasting techniques. After that short lesson, we all boarded the boat and started to row out and find our lubuk to fish from. 4sun and me shared a boat, while Rorytate, Vinnie and Pacu were on another boat.

:::... Rorytate, Vinnie and Pacu ...:::

:::... 4sun horning his baitcasting skills ...:::

The day started of slowly. We we casting at every possible directions. I was trying out the various lures that I had in my collection. None of them seems to be interested in my lures. We shifted spot a few times.

Suddenly, I saw Rorytate engaging a fish. His rod was bent double. I stopped fishing and watched him. Below is what he had to say about the fish.

Rod: Shimano Exage XT light action rod(lure wt:4-10)
Reel: calcutta 50 with 15lb line(powerpro)
lure: Heddon Zara Puppy
Place: FishingLand

Was casting away with the lure all over the place and walking the dawgs.

Unexpectedly, there is a big splash and solid strike and i thought it's a big PB due to the way it was running away. Line is stripping slowly and under control. SUDDENLY, it kicks and start running even faster and faster. I got no choice as my drag is at mid and it keep stripping. SPLASH~! It's going furthur and furthur. My rod bends at breaking point, can feel the line is like a guitar string with the vibes. It's definitely not a PB now. As i do not have choice to control the fish(it's a ferocious one - can feel the fish is shaking the lure off), instructed my partner to lift the anchor and to go nearer to the fish. The line is still stripping and you will not believe the sound of the line being stripped out. It's a fast and breaking point sound!

POP! DAMN ! Damn ........

Snapped....sigh..as i was reeling in i felt minimal pressure at the end of the line. Damn the clip opened..sigh......then i felt a heavier pressure....??..my lure is still there....as i lifted up my lure, one of my hooks is straightened.....dang!

Analysed my lure, the marks are extremely bad, deep and loads of teeth bites.

Well, thought i missed the big one, tried again, casted my Zara puppy and continue with the doggie style. Hmmn...how come i dont see my lure?? Reeled in and realised that the big one actually puntured the lure!! Another lure down the drain......

My conclusion and lesson learnt:
The drag should not be too tight as you may straightened the hooks.
To my experience on Toman, there was not a toman can do that, and i believe the one i striked was a HUGE one. The teeth marks are so bad that you wont believe it.

:::... Rorytate engaging in a fight ...:::

:::... Moments before he lost the fish ...:::

Soon after that Rorytate managed to land a juvenile toman. The fish was successfully caught and released.

Then it was my turn to get some action. I was casting using my Halco Sorcerer lure. I was reeling my line in when I felt something taking my lure. Wooohooo....!!!!! My first ever fish on lure. It was a small Peacock Bass. Although small, I will always be my most cherished moment in fishing.

:::... First ever fish on lure ...:::

Shortly after that, I got my second fish. I was using the same lure. Hehehhe... must be my lucky day.

:::... My second fish for the day ...:::

:::... Peacock Bass on Halco Sorcerer ...:::

After that, the action kinda slowed down. The sun was starting to come out from behind the clouds and we were getting roasted. After a couple of casting for haruan, we decided to call it a day and head to the shore.

I would like to thank Rorytate, Vinnie, Pacu and 4sun for the great time last sunday. Hope to do more fishing with the all of you in the coming months to come.


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Anonymous said...

Where is this pond located in seri Kembangan? How do I get there? Thanks man

Anonymous said...

hey krazie, mind to shed some light on the location, or phone no. that i could contact to ask for the location from them. Any prominently recognisable landmarks? RM26.00 for whole day or an hour u mean. Please drop me a mail at lawrence.enterprise@gmail.com

thanks dude