Monday, July 03, 2006

Putra Perdana Pond

It has been quite some time since I had gone out fishing and updated my blog. A lot things happening during the weekends, thus fishing put on hold. Even my regular fishing kaki is not able to fish due to increase in job responsibilities and studies.

Yesterday (2 July 2006), after dropping off by kid brother in the university (He was offer a place in UPM, doing his degree inPetro-Chemical), I proceeded to a lake near Putra Perdana in Puchong. According to the locals there, the lake holds a variety of fish. Haruan, Toman (?), Tilapia, Patin and catfish.

:::... View of Lake ...:::

:::... View Of Lake ...:::

:::...View of Lake ...:::

I tried my hands at casting. I still haven't caught anthing on lure before. Maybe today was my lucky day. Initially when I began casting with lures about two months ago, I only had about 3 lures with me. Yesterday when I went casting, I had about 20+ lures at my disposal. Tried each and every one of them. I did about 20 cast using each lures. Just to try out the effectiveness and swim action of the lure.

:::... My lures ...:::

:::... Casting outfit. Abu Garcia Workhorse Rod and Shimano Slade 2500 reel ...:::

:::.. Came prepared ...:::

Sadly... there were no taker. Not even a single bite. Well, at least I managed to try out all my lures and didn't lose any of them.

I was casting for about 1 1/2 hours before I decided to pack up and leave.


mangrooveDan said...

bla der...

my first time using lure, i alreadi catch fish. u better work harder ooooooo...

dun knn, tns, mfl and etc me...

just go cast more and for goodness sake, find a well stock pond ok!!!


Krazie Fishie said...


malaxi said...

Let me show you where is
Putra Perdana map