Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lure Galore

I have been bitten by the casting bug. Nowadays, I can't help from walking into a tackle shop and leaving it without purchasing anything that can be used for casting. Don't believe me? Take a look at the pictures below.

:::... Plano 4700 Box ...:::

:::... Top level ...:::

:::... Bottom level ...:::

:::... Open Wide ...:::

:::... View of the box after it has been filled up ...:::

:::... Top level, mostly small lures ...:::

:::... Bottom level, mostl bigger lures and accessories ...:::

:::... View of the box when it is filled up with lures ...:::

1 comment:

kuan yew said...

whoa, your box is very nice, when it's filled with lures, wuuhuuuu i wish that box is mine lol,

seems to me you're very much a lure fishing type of guy huh,

i'm looking forward to buying my first set of fishing gear, i have nothing but three lures, yozuri crank bait, popper bait and storm twitching bait i think,

i wish to fish with lures only too, and will be fishing in pay ponds for a long time before venturing out further i think, if you were to recommend a dream set of rod, reel, line, hooks and such, what would you recommend?

i tend to like cast and retrieve slowly type of fishing versus cast and wait, so, i heard this type should go for cherry wood lure rods(very light rods) with slow action, probably tica cetus 500 reel, and a 6lb line, would you have a better recommendation?