Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Midnight Madness

Last weekend, Navin and myself decided to go fishing at an abandoned mining pond in Rawang. the plan was to start fishing around 10.00pm friday night, and continue till about 3.00 am saturday morning. This would be our fourth trip to this pond. The first few times were quite ok. Managed to get a PB and a few haruans. (read : Rawang part 1, Rawang part 2 and Rawang part 3).

As usual, plans never to go as planned. We had trouble looking for bait. Most of the shops we went to ran out of earthworms. We finally managed to get a few bags from the Taman Desa Paypond. We only arrived at the pond at around 10.45 pm. After setting up our base camp, we proceeded to rig our baits and fished. The night was eerily quiet. Could be because of the Hungry Ghost Festival. There was no one else fishing that night. Just the two of us.

We both used two rods each. I rigged both my bait with earthworms and Navin rigged one rod with earthworms and the other using dedak. After rigging and our baits we place in the water, we waiting for a bit.

I got the first bite. The bite was not too strong. I didn't have much problem reeling the fish in. Could be because the fish was small and my fishing set was meant for a heavy duty fishing. hehehhehe.... The fish I caught was a belida (featherback).

:::... Featherback aka Belida ...:::

:::... My belida caught using earthworms ...:::

About 20 minutes later, I had another bite. Same thing. fight was not that exceptional. It gave very minimum fight. Guess what surfaced..??? It was a marble gobi (ketutu, ikan hantu). Said to be a very good and sought after table fish. too bad it was too small to be consumed.

:::... Ketutu @ Ikan Hantu @ Marble Gobi ...:::

:::.. Cute eh ...:::

Navin was feeling the pressure to perform. He re-rigged his bait and waited patiently. His patience was rewarded. His rod gave a slight twitch and on the end of his line was a ketutu.

:::... Small but cute ...:::

The action died down after that. Our original plan of leaving the place at around 3.00am got postponed. Instead we decided to carry on fishing till daybreak. We just sat there waiting for a bite. Sadly, none came. Instead, we were being attacked by mosquitoes. Hugh, hungry mosquitoes.

When the sun finally showed itself, I quickly went for casting outfit. There were lots of waterplay all around. I was casting like mad, hoping for a bite. Halfway in my casting session, Navin called me over. He had a fish with him. Managed to get a juvenile haruan. Not bad...

:::... Juvenile Haruan ...:::

I continued casting and Navin was doing bottom fishing. Result came back zero. When the rays of the sun was getting more intense, we decided to pack up and leave. I would say that the result was quite ok. Wish we had more fish to show. Howver, the fun was not in the catching of fish, but the togetherness that we shared.

:::... The pond ...:::

:::... Different view of the pond ...:::

:::... Our base camp ...:::

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