Thursday, January 04, 2007

Danny Draws First Blood

Received a mail fromDanny aka mangrooveDan yesterday. Guess what??? He has drawn first blood. I am sure some of you might have read about the friendly wager that is going on between us. If you are not sure, read about it here.

:::... Danny proudly posing with his cigar size haruan ...:::

:::... Haruan caught using float fishing technique ...:::

The weight of both the fish was estimated to be roughly 500g. This translates to 1 point under the point system in our friendly wager.

Danny has also started his own blog. Good job Danny boy. Looks like this old man has still got a few tricks up his sleeves. Hehehehe......

Danny's rants and raveS can be read at THECHRONICLESOFMYITHCHYS-ING.

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