Monday, January 29, 2007

Wild Patin at Rawang (unused pond)

This report was prepared by Mr. Navin Panicker aka Fish4Big

Date: 27 Jan 2007
Location: Rawang - Batang Berjuntai Road (wild pond)
Target Fish: Patin, Tongsan, Baung, African Catfish, etc.
Bait: Home made (special brew hong/dedak)
Rod: Abu Garcia Conolon 10-17lb
Reel: Shimano Ultegra XT4000
Line: Spider 20lb
Angler: (1) Navin Panicker a.k.a fish4big
Time: 6:00pm – 7:25pm

This weekend due to work constraints and other commitments faced by my usual kaki pancing’s, I was left alone to plan and execute my fishing desires. Having a good rest I woke late Saturday morning and completed some personal chores. During this I was also thinking of where I could head to cast my line and catch some fish. So as thoughts played on my mind, I decided to drive to an abandoned pond somewhere in Rawang where I had fished before on several occasions.

Running late after having serviced my car, I rushed back to my house at 4:45pm and without wasting time proceeded to make a special hong mix for bait. Then I packed my gear and speed off heading for the North South highway. After exiting the Rawang toll, I took the Batang Berjuntai road and arrived at the fishing grounds sharp 6:00pm.

Without wasting time I got my gear out from the car, geared up and had both my rods in the water just nice at 6:12pm. It was windy and a very pleasant evening and I was enjoying the peace and tranquility of the surroundings. Minutes passed without a single action. I was getting restless as it will soon be getting dark and I will have to pack up and leave as this area is interior and very lonely. Hope was slowly draining out as my watched ticked 6:50pm.

At about 7:05pm my Shimano Ultegra gave a sudden scream and after some line taken out, it stopped. As fast as my excitement had risen as fast did it fade when the line slacked. I did not touch my rod at all and left it as it was thinking that whatever had taken the bait would come back. I was looking at packing my other rod that I had in the water but decided not to. Instead I sat patiently and concentrated on the rod, which had showed signs of reward.

In less than two minutes passing by, a second long screech registered and the line was peeling out, this time fast. Without hesitation I grabbed hold of my rod from the rod holder and gave it a good jerk and YES!! I was now engaged with my unknown opponent. I tightened the drag but the line was still oozing of my reel. At this point I thought, Oh No!! … this is something big! and the best part is I was alone with no assistance and time was also running out as the place got darker. With this in mind I locked in my drag further and cranked trying to recover as much line as I could while managing the fish slowly away from the weedy banks and submerged structures in the water.

I got the fish close to the bank after an exciting tussle of over 5 minutes but was still not able to see what it was. As I slowly tried to grab hold of my landing net, the fish made a sudden turn towards the weeds and the line got caught among the vegetation. A feeling of sheer disappointment was building into me as I wondered how am I going to share a story of the one that got away. None of my fishing kakis would buy my story of having a big hookup at an old pond in Rawang and then losing the fish due to some snag. Wanting an one’s-up with some evidence to show-off I focused at landing this smart fellow.

I slowly released the tension, and waited. The fish pulled and this time took off the opposite direction. I managed to get a glimpse of a handsome “Patin” trying to swim for freedom. As the Patin swam away from the snags, I locked the tension on my reel and carefully maneuvered the fish towards me. A few minute later, as the fish tired I scooped it up with my landing net.

YES!!! OH YES!!! I shouted out loud in the open lake. What a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. I had a beautiful wild Patin of 2.9kgs in my hands, which had fallen for my offerings of a special home made dedak concoction. Knowing no story was good without evidence I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures for keep. As I got what I had come for, I gathered all my gear and rushed towards the car as daylight was almost gone and the watch registered 7:25pm.

As I was driving back, I made a few phone calls to my regulars and shared with them my great fishing adventure. This was indeed another great day of fishing for me!

:::... Where the bait was presented. Notice the tree trunk. I had cast the bait about 10 feet towards it’s left ...:::

:::... Beautiful scenery….and a pleasant evening ...:::

:::... Big lake indeed… I guess it has much more to offer ...:::

:::... Finally, the handsome Patin is landed! ...:::

:::... View of the pond ...:::

:::... Beautiful…. Weiging in at 2.9kg !! All wild power!!! ...:::

:::... Tackle used, Abu Conolon and Shimano Ultegra Reel withSpider 20lb braided line ...:::

:::... Picture of yours truly…sorry could not get the fish in the pic together ...:::

:::... My Car – evidence of me being there!! ...:::

:::... Again evidence, fish in my kitchen just before we took it to the restaurant ...:::


Anonymous said...

Yo Bro!

Inilah dipanggil pemancing..

Good for U! Boleh u bagi kat I map ke kolam tu.. noleh lah gua cuba cuba... mana tau nasib yo...

Ok buddie...
Relax lah sambil memancing !!

Zul said...

Hey friend, I reside in Rawang, whenever your going there please do email me, I can be contacted at, I would be more than happy to tag along with you.

ijoi rawang said...

Yes bro, interesting ni. Bleh la aku join sama whenever you wish to go there again. I also in rawang. Email me: