Monday, February 26, 2007

Fishing During Chinese New Year Holidays - Part 1

During the long break for Chinese New Year, Navin and myself had gone fishing too keep ourselves occupied. We had gone to two locations; Rawang Wild Pond and One Fathom Bank.

Rawang Wild Pond (17 February 2007)
This trip was doomed from the beginning. Our journey to Rawang from KL began at 11.00 am. We had initially planned to arrive at Rawang around noon and start fishing till the evening. After fishing we had planned to go to a tackle shop in Rawang which offered a good price for various types of fishing tackles.

We had neglected to take into account that we would be travelling the highway to Rawang and the traffic would be heavy. What happened was, a normal 30 minutes journey to Rawang took us more than 3 freaking hours...!!!! We had gotten stuck in a very very very bad crawl from KL to Rawang. 3 hours spent in the car cussing at other vehicles, regretting our decision but no other alternative is available to us. The problem was, once you are on the North South Highways, there is no turning back. So there we were, inching slowing to Rawang.

We arrived at Rawang at about 3.00 pm. Guess what..?? I was RAINING when we arrived. Double whammy...!!!! Damn..!!!

Since no fishing was possible during that time, we decided to go for lunch and then spend some time at the tackle shop. While browsing thru the items on display, the rain stopped and we took this opportunity to leave the shop to finally do some fishing.

We arrived at the fishing spot at about 4.30pm. After quickly rigging our tackle we proceeded to fish using Navin's Special Hong Mixture. This is the same type of hong that he had previously used at this location and he managed to land a wild patin. (Read : Wild Patin at Rawang). Navin had two lines in the water and I had one line in the water. While waiting for a bite from our bottom rig, I set up my casting outfit, Rapala Casting Rod and Abu D5 reel. After about 5 cast that went about 10feet from where I was standing, I decided to keep the set and took ou my spinning set meant for casting. I was casting like mad but no fish took my lures.

We registered NO bites or nibble from our bottom rigs and at about 6.30pm, we decided to call it a day. The journey back was fast. No more traffic jam for vehicles travelling towards KL.........

------ To be continued ------

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