Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

To All Fishos out there...

Wishing Everyone a Prosperous and Wonderful New Year ....!!!

I will be on holiday from 17 Feb 07 - 20 Feb 07. During that period of time, I will be maximizing my holiday with various fishing activity.

Below are some of the activities that has been lined up for the holiday period.
  1. Fishing at Rawang (17 Feb 07)
  2. Fishing at One Fathom Bank - 18 till 19 Feb 07
We might even squeeze in a lil bit of fishing on 20 Feb 07... Depending on the catch at OFB. If the fishing in OFB is good, then there is no need for any fishing on 20 Feb 07.


Ken FK Yong said...

All the super very best!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo dude.. please call me when you get back... 012-8886531. Forgot to check with you if our date with Tow Foo is still on. I'll be in KL from tomorrow till 24th