Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Krazie Fishie

I turned 28 last week. 8 March to be precise.

About a week before my birthday, I was at a tackle shop in Klang with my girlfriend. We had gone to Klang to buy some household items and I stumbled upon this tackle shop while waiting for her to finish her shopping. I was browsing thru the items on display and I happened to notice a rod rack which was for sale. There were two models on display; 20 rods display rack and 10 rods display rack. The price of the rack was quite reasonable. Navin had got one for himself much earlier and he paid more for it.

I consulted with my girlfriend about purchasing the rack for my rods. She then gave this brilliant idea to me. She said that she would be it for me as my birthday gift. Without hesitation, I said sure. Hehehe....

Didn't cost much, its the thought that counts. Here are some pictures of the rack taken in my room after all my rods has been properly arranged on it.

:::... 20 Rods Display Rack ...:::

:::... Almost Full ...:::

:::... 6 more space available ...:::

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