Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pulau Angsa Fishing

It has been about 1 month since my last fishing trip. The last trip that Navin and myself went was to One Fathom Bank during the Chinese New Year Holidays. (Read here for details). We decided to organize a trip to Pulau Angsa to satisfy our lust for fishing. My brother was supposed to join us for this trip, but due to his exams, he would have to give this trip a miss. In the end, only three of us went for the trip; Navin, myself and my girlfriend.

We left KL at around 7.00am, and arrived at the jetty in Sasaran at about 8.15 am. The boatman was already waiting for us when we arrived. We bought ice from the jetty and proceeded to load our gears onto the boat. The boat ride to the first spot took about the 30 minutes and the time used to prepare our tackle.

Upon arrival at the first spot, we wasted no time and quickly lowered our bait into the water. Navin and myself were fishing from the back of the boat and my girlfriend was fishing from the front. Less than 5 minutes after dropping our bait, my girlfriend gave a shout from the front of the boat. she had caught the first fish of the day. It was a gelama. Soon after that I got a gelama on my line as well.

After about 15 minutes, I realized that my girlfriend had gone silent. I thought she was having some problems with her fihing gear, so I went to the front of the boat to check on her.Imagine my surprise to see her sitting on the deck, with teary eyes. I asked what was wrong, and she promptly gave me an answer by puking over the side of the boat. She was suffering from seasickness. Uuhhh... oohhhh...!!!! Sounds like trouble. She had forgotten to take her seasickness pills. My fault partially for not giving it to her before we left.

I told her to take a rest and fish only if she was feeling better. I felt kinda bad for her. She had been looking forward for this trip. While she rested, I continued with my fishing. The current was not too strong, but the wind was quite strong. I was kinda hard to stand and fish as the boat was rocking.

We were hoping that some other fish other than the gelama would take our bait. Instead, were were only hauling up one gelama after another. I was catching the normal gelama where else Navin was hauling up the bigger variant of the gelama, locally called Gelama 3 Gigi. He had more than 5 sizeable Gelama 3 Gigi and I had only 1 Gelama 3 Gigi. In he midst of it all, I caught a freaky looking gelama. The gelama was well formed, it had all the fins and all, it was quite big as well.. the freaky part was, it was missing a tail. The gelama had no tail and yet it survived after all this while. wonder how it would swim in the water. Quite hard to swim without a tail I guess.

We fished till about 5.00pm before heading back to shore. Sadly, my girlfriend did not enjoy the trip at all. She was feeling quite sick on the boat. The moment we reached the jetty, she was feeling better. I guess I have to get her those seasickness pill next time we head out to sea.

Danny : I got about 2kg worth of gelama. This translate to 2 points. It's a start... It's a start....

:::... Calm sea as we head out to Pulau Angsa ...:::

:::... Left to Right - Abu Garcia Conolon Rod with Abu Cardinal 106 Reel, Abu Garcia Workhorse Rod with Shimano Slade 2500 reel, Abu Garcia Ultracast II with Abu Cardinal 104 Reel ...:::

:::.. Before she got seasick ...:::

:::... After she got seasick ...:::

:::... Before the fishing started ...:::

:::... Freaky gelama. Tailless gelama ...:::

:::... The scenery on the way back to the jetty ...:::

:::... My total catch, 2kg worth of gelama ...:::

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