Monday, April 23, 2007

Fish Dread Phantom Red

This article is take from the Power Pro Website. The link to this article can be found here.

Behavior of light and principles of vision behind PowerPro’s newest color.
phan·tom - n. & adj. Something elusive; an illusion; a ghost or an apparition.

Fishing has become a pursuit of science as much as skill and the color of line can be the key to an angler’s success. For years, lure companies have emphasized the influence of lure colors. But where those companies use an understanding of the Beer-Lambert Law to make the lures more visible to the fish, Innovative Textiles is using it to make a braided fishing line nearly invisible.

According to company president, Konrad Krauland, “I’ve often heard it said that the colors and finishes on lures are designed to catch fishermen. But PowerPro’s Phantom Red Line is designed to catch fish. Next to our product statement rounder, smoother, thinner, stronger, we can now add nearly invisible in water.”

To understand the benefit of Phantom Red, one must understand the behavior of light as it penetrates the water, because line colors do not look the same underwater as they do in air. As line descends below the surface, water absorbs the wavelengths of light selectively, one by one, as depth increases. Red is the first color to disappear, at a depth of 15 feet (which is why underwater photographers often use red filters to restore red colors in their pictures).

While many factors such as total light intensity, water clarity and time of day or year can alter the depth to which colors are visible, one thing is constant: PowerPro’s commitment to the serious angler. “We have always prided ourselves on being the performance leader in the braided line market,” says Krauland. “From our additions of PowerPro Ice Line, Downrigger Replacement Cable and Hollow Core to our line up, Phantom Red continues our commitment to not only meet, but also exceed our customer’s expectations.” Right in line with the other PowerPro colors of Moss Green, Hi-Vis Yellow and White, Phantom Red is manufactured with
enhanced body technology, fortifying it with the same incredible sensitivity, strength and abrasion resistance.

Amazingly, most fish can see in color, even distinguish complementary colors and up to 24 spectral hues with many species possessing color vision similar to that of man. But Phantom Red gives fish a false perception of reality and its appearance becomes a mere apparition. So whether you’re fishing it in the green tinged waters of the Pacific or blue ocean waters of the Caribbean, you’ll see red, but the fish will see nothing.... And what they can’t see will catch them!


With that in mind, I purchased a 150 yard spool of 20lb Power Pro Phantom Red braided line. I intend to spool it onto my Shimano Slade 2500FB reel which I mainly use for casting. Here are some pictures taken of the spool that that I bought.

:::... The Packing ...:::

:::... The Spool ...:::

:::... Phantom Red ...:::

:::... Comes with a guide on the best knots to use ...:::

:::... Loaded onto my Shimano Slade 2500FB ...:::

:::... Looks good when loaded onto my reel ...:::

:::... Depth Color Chart (taken from Power Pro Website) ...:::

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