Monday, April 23, 2007

Fishing ground spoilt by netters

Last weekend (21 april 2007) Navin and myself decided to do some fishing at a jetty in Pulau Indah. We had been here a few times and the catch was so-so. Nothing great to shout about but the location and potential of the fishing ground was quite promising. We always dreamt of getting a barramundi, mangroove jack or maybe some kurau or senangin. During our past trips there, we would not get quality fish, but the odd gelama would give us great fun on light tackle.

The day began quite early for us. Navin came over to my place and we proceeded towards Port Klang to get our bait. Navin found a place where we could buy live prawn to be used as bait. The prawns cost us RM 30.00 per kilo, and we took about 0.5 kg of the live prawns. After getting our supply of live bait, we then proceeded to drive towards Pulau Indah.

We we overjoyed when we arrived at the jetty to find no one fishing from there. After quickly unloading our stuff, we quickly started to set up our tackle. Navin did a quick scan on the river and what he say quickly put a damper on our fishing plan. Right in front of us, someone had laid out a very very long drift net. The net was spread right across the the jetty. No way that any fish could come beyond the nets. We were at a loss as our casting distance was within the area of where the nets has been laid. We were dissapointed with the actions that these irresponsible people. Of all the place for them to spread their net, they had to lay it right across the jetty.

Afther that discovery, both of us lost the mood to fish. Looks like greed has reared its ugly head. Of all the place to place their net, they had to place it right in front of us. Wh can't they place it somewhere else. Only they can answer this question.

We left the place at about 12.30pm without any catch. Even those pesky gelama which we could easily get were missing this time. Below are some pictures taken during the fishing trip.

:::... The pond where we bought the live prawns from ...:::

:::... Traditional method perhaps ...:::

:::... You can see that the pond is abundant with prawns. See them jumping all over the place ...:::

:::... Weighing the prawns ...:::

:::... The spot where we fished from. If u see properly, you can see the buoy marking the position of the net ...:::

:::... Beautiful place spoilt by greedy and irresponsible people ...:::

:::... Boats available for hire, unsure about the rates though ...:::

:::... Out of casting distance, who knows a mama barramundi might be hanging out there ...:::

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