Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tightlines Sportfishing Custom Rod

I was looking around for a suitable rod to match with my Tica Team ST 568 G Big Game Fishing Reel when my eyes feel upon this particular rod. This rod is a custom built rod, made by Kok Ming from Tightlines Sportfishing in Bandar Sunway.

This rod is rated 20lb - 50lb. The length is about 6 feet. About the same height as me. The guides are spiral wrapped. According to Kok Ming, the guides used are Fuji Sic guides. The grip for the rod is EVA and the reel seat is from Fuji.

Here are some picture of the rod..

:::... Custom Built Tightlines Sportfishing Rod ...:::

:::... Spiral wrap guides ...:::

:::... Fuji Sic guides ...:::

:::... Handcrafted by Tightlines Sportfishing ...:::

:::... Fuji Reel seat ...:::

:::...Fuji Gimbal ...:::

:::... Fuji Gimbal ...:::

:::... Spiral wrap ...:::

:::... EVA handle ...:::

1 comment:

Darren said...

Ah, sweet rod. I see you've opted for the spiral guides too.

I got a Calstar 760L custom made at Tightlines too.
Workmanship was amazing, and I fished the rod with 16kg of drag with no worries at all.

What blank is your rod using?