Friday, September 28, 2007

Pimp My Reel : Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000 Part 1

Yesterday, after work I made my way to Kepong Tackle to look at some tackle as well as to kill some time. While driving there, I sent a sms to Ken, informing him that I would be going there. He did mention to me earlier that the had some IMA RO jigs with him. Anyway more on the IMA jigs in a different post. While smsing him, he told me to look for the roller bearing for Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000 reel.

To cut a long story short, I managed to get hold of the bearing and when I got back home, I stated to deassemble the roller on my Caldia Kix and change the bearing. Below are some pictures to show the steps involved.

Before you start to remove the roller, make sure all tools needed is around. Since the parts we would be dealing with is quite small, ensure that you have a sufficient and clear table to work on.

:::... 1 Daiwa Bearing and 2 washers ...:::

:::... Close up on the bearing and the washers ...:::

:::... Screw that holds the roller and bail arm together ...:::

:::... View of the roller ...:::

:::... Loosen the screw and remove the roller ...:::

:::... View of the roller after deassembling from the bail arm ...:::

:::... Remove the plastic bearing and the thing that holds the plastic for the roller ...:::

:::... Place 1 washer onto the screw ...:::

:::... Then place the bearing on the screw ...:::

:::... After that, place the roller. Make sure you put it on the right way ...:::

:::... Finally, place the second washer ...:::

:::... Once you have everything in place, tighten the screw ...:::

After completing all the above steps, make sure the roller is able to spin freely. If you find the roller is not moving, deassemble everything and try to do it again. Do take extra precaution as the bearings and washer are very small.

Happy trying, for more information on the bearing and detailed explaination, drop me an email at I am also on Yahoo Messenger most of the time, so feel free to drop me a message. Happy trying and happy modding.

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