Friday, March 14, 2008

DIY Assist Hooks For Jigging - Part 3

This report is long overdue. Here is another way of tying the assist hook for jigging. Hope it would be useful for all of you out there. Mail me at or drop me a message on Yahoo Messenger. My YM ID is sharma_8379.

:::... Tools needed : Hollow braids, dental floss, jigging hook, solid ring, splicing needle, super glue and sharp scissors ...:::

:::... First determine the length of the hollow braid needed ...:::

:::... The next item needed is the splicing needle ...:::

:::... Insert the needle thru the hollow braid ...:::

:::... This is how it looks like as the needle go thru the hollow braid ...:::

:::... Punch thru at the desired length ...:::

:::... Next, put in a solid ring and open the splicing needle as shown in the picture above ...:::

:::... Put one end of the braid into the open hook and close the hook to form a circle ...:::

:::... Slowly pull the needle out. Make sure that the end of the braid goes into the hollow braid ...:::

:::... Gently easy out the splicing needle ...:::

:::... This is how it should look like once the needle is about to exit the braid ...:::

:::... This is how it looks like once the splicing needle has been removed ...:::

:::... The solid ring is now in place ...:::

:::... This is how it should look like once the splicing has been done ...:::

:::... Next, take a jigging hook and poke it thru the braid like the picture shown above ...:::

:::... Gently work the braid till it reaches the eye of the hook ...:::

:::... This is how it looks like once it is at the eye of the hook ...:::

:::... Take some dental floss and make a few wraps around the hook and braid material ...:::

:::... Cut off the excess dental floss material ...:::

:::... Put some super glue to the dental floss to make it stronger ...:::

:::... This is how the hook looks like when it is done ...:::

:::... This is how the loop and the solid ring looks like when it is done ...:::

:::... All done ...:::

I hope that brief tutorial has been beneficial to all of you fishos out there. Do mail me for more inquiries. In the mean time, below are the links to my previous post on DIY Assist Hooks.


Mike Walleye said...

Those assist hooks are also called "trailer hook" and they are probably one of the best kept fishing tip. I use the trailer hooks while jigging on the kid's line, they usually don't miss a bit with such a rigging! When the walleye are now really aggressive, they can help a lot.


Lapa said...

amazing. well done!

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