Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fuji EZ Keeper II Hook Keeper

I have seen Damien and Ken using this device on some of our trips together. Such a small thing but very useful. The main function of this product is to secure our lures and assist hooks without damaging guides or cork handles when your rod is outfitted with one of these innovative hook keepers. The folding design keeps it out of the way when not in use. For more details please visit here.

I got mine at Sabre Tackle in Kuala Lumpur. Try to look for it at the rod building section. There are three colours to choose from; red, black and blue. I took the blue one as it matches well with my Golden Mean Sabel Dance rod.

Here are some pictures of it.

:::... Fuji EZ Keeper II Hook Keeper (Model EKHM - BL) ...:::

:::... How to use ...:::

:::... Big band for bigger rod, smaller band for smaller rod ...:::

:::... Closed position ...:::

:::... Open position ...:::

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