Friday, March 07, 2008

Golden Mean Sabel Dance PE 2 Rod

A few months back, I posted my wishlist for 2008. One of the items in my wishlist was a Golden Mean Sabel Dance rod. I have tried to look on the internet for more details but the best that I come up with are as shown below.

I got myself a Golden Mean Sabel Dance rod last weekend. I had intended to use it during my trip to Pekan. Sadly, the weather had other plans. The Golden Mean Sabel Dance comes in two different rating. One is rated PE1 and the other is rated PE2. I decided to get the one that was rated PE2 for myself.

Here are the specs of my rod.

Manufacturer : Golden Mean
Model : Sable Dance PE 2 (SDS-60UL 6'0")
Jig Weight : 4 oz (Approximately 113 grams)
PE Line : 2
Piece : One piece rod

:::... Comes with a beautiful bag ...:::

:::... Fuji SIC Guide ...:::

:::... Nice finishing ...:::

:::... Top guide ...:::

:::... Sabel Dance : Golden Mean Custom Saltwater Rod ...:::

:::... Model SDS-60UL 6'0" ...:::

:::... Jig and PE line rating ...:::

:::... Blue reel seat with Golden Mean badge ...:::

:::... Golden Mean badge on butt end of the rod ...:::

:::... Top half of the rod ...:::

:::... Bottom half of the rod ...:::


Anonymous said...

how much u wanna sell it?

Krazie Fishie @ Sharma said...

Hi Anon...

Sorry I am not able to post the price here... Please drop me an e-mail.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Saya sangat tertarik gambar-gambar yang encik masukan ke bloger.

Klau tuan sudi saya nak minta gambar Alam Semula Jadi. Tolong hantar ke Emil....

Anonymous said...

saya cari dimerata tempat di mengenai sabel dance ni tapi tak dapat la.. mintak tolong boleh tak email saya harga dan dimana boleh dapat Golden Mean Sabel dance dimalaysia

koh77 said...

Hai, can share where did you buy the rod? Can't find it anymore in KL & Sg...
Or do you willing to sell? :)

♥۩♥~爱~♥۩♥ said...

Still available?
Here my email