Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Krazie Fishie

I turned 29 last Saturday (8 March 2008). This was also the day that Malaysia went for election to choose a new government. I shall not go into detail on the election as this is a fishing blog and not a political blog. Last year, my girlfriend got me this as a birthday present. The previous year (2006), I got this for myself as a birthday gift from myself to me.

This year, she got me a pair of Marlin. Not the real stuff but Marlin made out of brass. Here are some pictures of it.

:::... My pair of Brass Marlin ...:::

:::... The face ...:::

:::... The tail ...:::

:::... Crooked bill ...:::

:::... Needs some shining and polishing ...:::

:::... The fins ...:::

:::... Top view ...:::

:::... Thank you baby ...:::

I also got another present from Damien. I shall leave that for another blog entry. In the mean time, enjoy my Marlin.

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