Friday, September 04, 2009

For Sale

Been a long long time since I updated this blog. As you can see from the title, I have a few items for sale.

  1. Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000 + Original RCS Knob + YGK braided line. Read more about the reel here. (Caldia Kix)
  2. Daiwa Opus Bull OPB 5500 + braided line. Read more here. (Opus Bull)
  3. Tica Team ST 568 G Big Game Fishing Reel + Braided line. Read more on the reel here. (Tica Reel)
  4. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600 D5 + mono line. Read more about the reel here. (Abu Garcia)
  1. Custom Built Tightlines Sportfishing Rod. Details can be read here. (Custom Rod)
  2. SureCatch “Prokat”
    Model : PKS 3903
    Action : Medium Heavy Action
    Lure Weight : 55 – 140 g
    Line Weight : 10 – 15 kg
    Length : 13’ (3 pieces)
  3. Daiwa “Power Mesh Samurai Surf”
    Model : PS 1002 MHS-S
    Action : Medium Heavy Action
    Lure Weight : 2 – 6 oz
    Line Weight : 17 – 40 lb
    Length : 10’ (2 pieces)
  4. Fenwick “Fenjig”
    Model : FJ 70H – 2 A
    Lure Weight : ¾ - 3 oz
    Line Weight : 5 – 15 lb
    Length : 6’6” (2 pieces)
Feel free to drop me an e-mail at or if you are interested in any of the products.


Anonymous said...

Walao wei bro, everyday click to see any updates on your blog.
Finally see something :)

Anonymous said...

Halo crazy fishie...

Can you indicate your asking price for these items...

For another fellow fishie come couzin got discount ah?

NIK said...

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Carp Fishing said...

Your blog is very informative for such people who like carp fishing like me and all the pictures are beautiful but I have some questions about carp fishing What are the differences and/or advantages between using a pod set-up, a goalpost or quad set-up and just a plain rod-rest set-up? Or is this just a personal preference?