Monday, June 11, 2012

Upcoming DIY Projects

I have 2 DIY projects in mind at the moment. I plan to work on them as soon as my stuffs arrive from KL. Below are the projects that I plan to work on.

  • Rod Rack
  • Line Spooler / Despooler
Rod Rack
I already have a rod rack which was purchased a long long time ago. (Read : Rod Rack). The rack was in KL collecting dust. I have deassembled it for ease of transport. During the deassembling process, I found out that the rack was quite easy to make. I have decided to blog about the assembly process once the rack arrives. I will be sand papering the rack and repaint the rack back to make it more presentable. I will also be including the dimensions should any of you wish to make it yourself.

Line Spooler / Despooler
I used to own a line spooler / despooler when I was still in KL. (Read : Daiichi Line Spooler). I sold it off to a fellow fisho when I moved to Sabah. I do not plan to buy another line spooler. Instead, I will be making my own line spooler / despooler. I will based the design on the previous line spooler that I had. I also did some research over the internet on various line winder design. I shall be blogging more on the line winder once I get started on the line spooler / despooler. I have a few different designs in mind, and I will be make some minor adjustments as I go along making the line spooler / despooler.

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