Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Early Christmas Gift

As a reward of me being a good boy this year, Santa decided to reward me early. There I was, sitting in the office planning for the task at hand for today, when Santa's lil helper came along. Santa decided to use the services of Pos Laju to deliver his presents this time around.

:::... The box says it all ...:::

I carefully open the package and what a sight to behold. In the box was an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600 D5 baitcaster. What a gift.... I guess it is about time that I moved up a notch in my fishing experience. All my life, I have been using spinning reels and this Abu Garcia D5 is my FIRST baitcaster.

:::... Nicely packed ...:::

I can already see myself standing near the water, and getting birds nest. Hehehehe... Anyway, I'm planning to try out this new toy of mine this weekend. The location would be at the PAWS Pond, Ara Damansara (see here for link of my previous visit there). Evan from MFN might be coming there as well to teach me how to use the baitcaster. I have posted quite some time back regarding the proper baitcasting technique. Now is the time to practice what I posted earlier. Here is the link should any of you want to refer to it (click here).

Below are some pictures of the new Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600 D5. Enjoy them.....

:::... Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600 D5 ...:::

:::... Side profile ...:::

:::... Different angle ...:::

:::... Lovely...:::

:::... Hope this brings me lots of fish and luck ...:::

:::... Fits onto my palm nicely ...:::

p.s. Thank you mangrooveDan aka Danny Lau from Kuching, Sarawak........

Friday, December 01, 2006

Coming Soon......

Sneak preview of things to come......

Rapala Sportsman Series Casting Rod

Abu Garcia D5 6600 baitcasting reel.