Monday, December 31, 2007

Krazie Fishie's 2007 Fishing Review

The year began with a friendly wager between me and Danny. The initial wager of RM 100 somehow became a Daiwa FreamsJ somewhere in the middle of the wager. For more details of the initial wager between us, click here.

I didn't do much fishing in January. Reason being I was still quite busy with work and the weather was still a bit unpredictable. However, I did manage to squeeze in a trip with Navin to a wild pond in Rawang, but there was no catch for me to show. The lack of any fishing activity carried on until the mid of February.

Towards the end of February, Navin and myself decided to plan for a trip to One Fathom Bank. This place holds a lot of fond memories to us. Fishing there has always been a happy and relaxing affair. For a report on the trip to One Fathom Bank, check it out here.

Navin, my girlfriend and myself had a trip to Pulau Angsa in March. The catch was not so good. I did manage to catch a few gelama to kick off my fishing wager wih Danny. By this time, Danny was already leading by 20 points (if I am not mistaken).

By April, I was getting desperate. My points were low and I was loosing badly to Danny. Navin and myself came up with a few trips, but sadly none of those trips improved my points haul.

My big break came in June. I had two trips planned. One was to Penyabung (read here) and the other was to Pulau Sembilan (read here). The trip to Pulau Sembilan would be my first jigging trip. The trip to Penyabung was a big letdown. Luckily, the trip to Pulau Sembilan was a success. I had the chance to fish with great people and the catch was quite satisfying for a first time jigger like me. I managed to land 2 fishes on jigs, both Queenfish weighing about 1 kg each.

:::... Me with my Queenfish ...:::

After the initial success in Pulau Sembilan, I got bitten by the jigging bug. I started to invest heavily into jigging. More on that later. Two weeks after my first trip to Pulau Sembilan, did another trip there. This time I had Navin, Jeishen, May and Hari to tag along the trip. It was during this trip that I managed to land my biggest fish on jig (might even be my biggest fish so far). It was a 5kg Giant Trevally. For the full report of the trip, check out this entry that was done earlier.

:::... 5kg GT from Pulau Sembilan ...:::

After the Trip to Pulau Sembilan, I decided to take a short break. I had been doing 3 trips for the past 6 weeks. My girlfriend was starting to make some noise. The next planned trip would be my trip to Hutan Melintang during the Merdeka Break.

I had great expectations with regards to the trip to Hutan Melintang. I had read a lot about the place and I would be lying if I said my expectations were not high. Sadly, the trip didn't turn out so well. The weather was rough and the sea conditions were not conducive for fishing. The only consolation that I got from this trip was that I had the chance to fish with a great bunch of guys and I had the chance to land a 2kg Golden Snapper.

:::... 2kg Golden Snapper ...:::

From then on, my fishing took a nosedive. I only had one more notable trip after that, which was to Sun Vista Wreck / Pulau Sembilan during the Hari Raya Break. This trip was also a washout due to the weather condition. My consolation? A 3kg Queenfish caught on jig.

:::... 3kg Queenfish ...:::

By November, I was already resigned to the fact that I had lost the wager. However, instead of conceding my defeat, I kept taunting Danny with the phrase "It ain't over till the fat lady sings..".

Well, today being the last day of 2007, the fat lady has indeed sung.

Here is to all my fello fisho's out there.

Tightlines and screaming reel....!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Krazie Fishie Loses Fishing Wager

Early this year, Danny and myself decided to have a friendly fishing wager. The every fish caught will be given points based on the weight and the type of fish. The points system can be view here.

From the beginning, the clear winner for this wager could already be seen. Danny had been leading all the way. I never even came close to a whisker in overtaking his lead.

Therefore, with 4 more days till the end of the year, I have this following statement to make.

"I, Sharma Devan Pillai, also known as Krazie Fishie, being the owner of the blog Crazy Fisherman; hereby concede defeat to Danny Lau, also known as mangooveDan from the blog thechroniclesofmyithchys-ing."