Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Subang Jaya Lake

Last Sunday was a boring Sunday. Woke up late and there was nothing on tv. Dug up my collection of PS2 games and found my fishing game. Rapala Pro Fishing. Kenot go out and fish, fish at home pun ok lah.

It was fine until evening came. My sister and her fiance were teasing me for fishing at home. Remarks like, "So kesian fishing in the tv", "Hahahahaha...." can be heard. It was then that I decided to go to the Subang Jaya Lake. I read a lot about this lake and wanted to try fishing there. Who knows... beginner's luck maybe.

After some initial difficulties in locating the pond, I managed to located to pond. (Thanx Thava from MFN).

I picked out a spot and started to do my casting. I was using spoons as my lure. Shortly after arriving, I received a call from Navin. He said that he will be coming to join me.

Navin arrived and proceeded to rig his rod. He was going to do bottom fishing. I was casting all the way.

After about an hour or so of casting, we decided to call it a day. I was getting dark and I had a race to catch (F1 Lah... showing on TV).

The place looks promising enough. We plan to return to the pond some other time.

:::... Location map of the Subang Jaya Pond ...:::

:::... Sunset ...:::

:::... The spot where I was casting from ...:::

:::... Beautiful sunset ...:::

:::... so calm and peaceful ...:::

:::... What a scenery. Such nice fishing conditions ...:::

:::... Navin's rod ...:::

:::... Here fishy fishy ...:::

:::... Come fish come... come to papa ...:::

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Haruan heaven....!!!

Location : Ex-mining pond, Rawang
Date : 22 April 2006
Time : 6.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms (Cacing Gila)
Number of rods : Sharma : 2 Rods, Navin : 2 Rods
Total Catch : Haruan - 2

After the dissapointing previous trip, me and Navin planned a second assault on the Rawang pond.

As usual, our fishing plans never go as planned. We had initially planned to leave Navin's place at 4.00pm but due to unforseen circumstance (resident's meeting my ass), we only left at 5.45pm. By the time we got to Rawang, it was already 6.30pm.

We quickly rigged our gears and started fishing. We chose a different spot this time.

:::... The spot where we fished from ...:::

:::... The spot where we fished from ...:::

:::... Beautiful Sunset ...:::

:::... Beautiful Sunset ...:::

This time around, we decided to fish using Cacing Gila exclusively. Earlier, when we got to the pond, there was a group of guys fishing. They looked like regulars at the pond. They asked us what bait were we using, and when we replied cacing, he said that we can sit the whole night and we would not get a bite. We are out to prove him wrong. Plus, we are talking about Cacing Gila here. Ikan mana tak makan cacing?. (To the boss of cacing gila, got commission ka for promoting cacing gila... hehehehe).

:::... Cacing Gila ...:::

As the night grew darker, Navin came out with his trusted carbide light. The damn thing actually works. Two lights is nore than enug tho light up the place.

:::... Let there be light ...:::

After about 2 hours of fishing, Navin got the first fish. It was a haruan. Hehehhee... we have proved the guy wrong. Who say the fish won't take cacing. We are talking about cacing gila here. Navin was super hyper after the catch.

:::... First fish. Why lah so serious the face ...:::

:::... Proudly posing with his fish ...:::

:::... With a face like that, how a fish resist ...:::

After that the action was slow. At about 10.30pm we decided to pack up and leave. Looks like Navin got the upper hand this time. I'm beaten. As I was packing my stuff, one the bells on my rod was twitching. Then my other rod gave the same noise. Seems like there was fish nibbling on the bait, but didn't take the whole bait. I waited for the fish to take the bait. This went on for about 30 minutes. Then it happened...!!!!! One of my rods took a dip. I quickly gave a strike to set the hook. Fish on...!!!! I had a hook-up..!!!!

At that time Navin was already cursing me. He had planned to gloat the whole night.... thinking he had the only fish. After a brief fight with the fish, a fine looking haruan was landed.

:::... Sharma with his fish ...:::

:::... Pride Saving Fish ...:::

:::... Thanks for saving my pride. Muahhh...!!!! ...:::

We called it a night after the fish was caught. After a dinner stop, finally got back home at around 3.00 am.

Total catch : 2 haruan (One each)

:::... Total Catch ...:::

Monday, April 17, 2006

2 guys, 6 fishes, 4 species

Location : Desa Sportfishing Pond, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.
Date : 15 April 2006
Time : 8.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms (Cacing Gila)
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 1 Rod
Price : RM20.00 for 3 hour of fishing.
Total Catch : Tongsan - 1 (2.75kg), Baung - 2 (Biggest was around 1.2kg, the other less than 1 kg), Pacu - 2 (Both were less than 1 kg each), Haruan - 1 (Less than 1 kg)

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunderstorm has struck Kuala Lumpur. Lightning flashed, and thunder boomed across the dark night. Did this condition detered us Crazyfishermen from fishing? HELL NO..!!!! We were armed and ready to go.

Armed with our trusty weapons (rods and reels) and a bag of ammunition (Cacing Gila), we proceeded to the pond. We arrived at around 8.00pm.

We proceed to rig our rods. I opted for the 2 hook strategy and Navin went for the 3 hook strategy. We had wanted to fish from our usual spot, but it has already been occupied. We had no choice but to fish from a different spot. We had a few bites but no solid hook up. Mysteriously, our lines were getting stuck and we had to rerig out lines. I lost one rig and Navin lost 2 rigs.

Finally, the guys who were occupying our spot left. Just as we were about to move place I got a bite. I gave a firm stike and managed to get a hookup. First blood. It was a baung.

:::... First blood. Baung by Sharma ...:::

Navin was not happy. I had got the first fish. After a quickly re-baiting my hooks with fat and juicy Cacing Gila, I cast my line. I didn't cast too far. Not long after that, I got a bite. I gave my rod a mightly whack and was rewarded with a solid hookup. I could feel that the fish was heavy. As the fish got nearer, it started to put up a fight. It was a freaking tongsan..!!! Yeah baby... Navin wasn't too happy. The score now was 2 - 0.

:::... A mighty 2.75kg tongsan ...:::

:::... Note the size of the tongsan compared to a cigaratte box ...:::

Navin wasn't happy. He was still trailing me. Then it happened..!!! His rod gave a soft twitch and suddenly want into a mighty dip. With panther like agility, Navin gave his rod a firm whack and managed to get a hook up. After a short battle, a fat baung was subdued and subsequently landed.

:::... Navin's first catch. 1 kg plus baung ...:::

The score now is 2 - 1. You could feel the tension building. The next fish was landed by me. It was a haruan. Didn't put up much fight.

:::... Sharma proudly posing with the haruan ...:::

:::... Haruan caught on cacing gila ...:::

Navin was feeling the heat. The score now is myself leading 3 to 1. The it happened. My rod ceased to have any bites and Navin got 2 succesive bites in a row. He had managed to land 2 pacus in a gap of 10 minutes. The score is now even. 3 fish Sharma, 3 fish Navin.

:::... Navin with his first pacu for the night ...:::

:::... The two pacu that were caught by Navin ...:::

The final 30 minutes was intense. Both of us were silent. No jokes, no conversations whatsoever. Both of us concentrated hard on both our rods to see if there were any nibbles.

30 minutes passed and still no fish. We decided to call it a day.

Final tally : Sharma - 1 tongsan, 1 baung and 1 haruan. Navin - 1 baung and 2 pacu.

:::... Total Catch For The Night ...:::

Friday, April 14, 2006

Baitcast Reel Technique

The baitcast reel offers anglers a high degree of casting accuracy, essential when working lures in and around snag infested areas. Unfortunately many first time users become frustrated by continual over-runs, and if not properly instructed in the finer points, give up and return to the relative safety of the thread line. Understanding the various set-up controls is the key to success.

The correct setting of the Cast Control Brake is the first step. This mechanism allows you to fine tune your outfit to the weight of each individual lure. First attach the lure you intend to use to the mainline and retrieve the line so that the lure is almost at the rod tip. Hold the rod just above horizontal and press down the Thumb Bar, allowing the lure to free-spool to the ground.

If the Cast Control Brake is set correctly the lure will drop in a controlled manner and the spool will cease to feed out line the instant the lure touches the ground. If this is not the case, and it probably won't be from scratch, adjust the Cast Control Brake knob and repeat the procedure. This adjustment must be set each time a different lure is used.

The Friction Cast Control sets a variable degree of load on the spool during the cast and for first timers should initially be set to maximum loading. While this will reduce cast distance it will also dramatically minimize the risk of a spool over-run and the consequent birds nest. More experienced anglers, for the same reason, use this control to load the spool when casting into the wind.

As you become proficient, steadily reduce the level of applied friction until you no longer require this function, apart from when in upwind conditions. Now that you have your outfit tuned to optimum, the next thing to master is the cast technique. Press down the Thumb Bar and 'thumb' the spool in preparation for the cast, with the reel facing in as shown. The starting point for the cast should be with the rod back over your shoulder, roughly in the two o'clock position. The whole action is from the elbow to the wrist. Short, sharp and sweet.

The release point (thumb off spool) should be approximately at the ten o'clock point, enabling the lure to be cast in an arc. If you have set the reel brakes correctly there should be no need to thumb or feather the spool during the lure's flight. As the lure makes contact with the water, thumb the spool to a dead stop to prevent over-run, then crank the handle to engage the retrieve mechanism. That wasn't too difficult was it? Of course, nothing beats practice so the more time you spend on the water, or even dry casting in the park, the more adept you'll be.
Note: It's much easier to get a quick result side-casting but while this is a useful technique to get around overhanging tree branches, it won't endear you to your companions when you're in a group, casting from a boat.

Even the best anglers will at some time experience an over-run and its associated and much dreaded birds-nest. If it happens to you, don't panic, and whatever you do, don't attempt to pull the birds-nest out while the spool is still disengaged. This will only create an even bigger problem.

If you follow our advice you'll be back in business in no time, and with a smile on your face. Turn the crank handle just enough to engage the retrieve mechanism then back off on the drag tension (left). This prevents the spool rotating too freely, which will create more loops and tangles.
You can now pull the line out. Nine times out of ten you'll have no dramas.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Peacock Bass Hunting

Yesterday (11 April 12006) was a public holiday and Team Crazyfisherman decided to go out hunting for Peacock Bass(PB). It has been a long time since the four of us went fishing together. As a matter of fact, yesterday was the first time that Jeishen and May fished for this year!!! They were quite occupied with their work and their wedding dinner preparations.

The spot we chose to hunt for PBs was at an ex-mining pond somewhere in Rawang. According to Jeishen, he had fished there before and managed to land a PB within 15 minutes of casting. Sounds very promising....

We rigged our rods and then proceeded to fish. We had an array of baits. We brought chicken intestines, cow liver, dedak, earthworms and frogs.

We fished for about 6 hours and the result was ZERO. Maybe we fished at the wrong time. According to the locals, fishes the pond only bite early in the morning and late evening. Hrmm... wrong timing perhap. The day wasn't without its actions.

Navin managed to get a hook-up but was unable to land the fish. The fish jumped and managed to throw the hook away.

As for me, I was casting the whole time. I didn't get any bites. the was one occasion where I saw a fish following my lure, but it didn't bite. I wonder why. Maybe the size of the lure was too big. I was using a 90mm Halco Sorcerer.

By the time we had finished fishing, I had lost about 3 lures. Lost my Halco Sorcerer, Berkeley Bladedancer and Storm Soft Lure.

We left the pond with aching limbs, sun-burnt skin and scratches all over. The place looks promising and I am sure Navin and myself will be back.

:::... View of the pond. Looks promising ...:::

:::... The lubuk according to the locals. A lot of fish they say ...:::

:::... My Halco Sorcerer moments before I lost it. RIP...:::

:::... Navin & May casting away ...:::

:::... Jeishen Looking Cool & Composed ...:::

:::... This is the spot where I was casting from ...:::

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2 guys, 2 rods, and 6 fishes

Location : Desa Sportfishing Pond, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.
Date : 3 April 2006
Time : 8.30 pm
Bait used : Earthworms
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 1 Rod
Price : RM20.00 for 3 hour of fishing.
Total Catch : Tongsan - 2 (2.2kg & 1.5kg), Baung - 4 (Biggest was 1.5kg, the rest less than 1 kg)

It has been a long time since the both of us had gone fishing. Navin and myself have been quite busy for the past few weekends. Plus all our previous trips were not that successful.

We decided to fish at the Taman Desa Pond because it was convinient and close by...

So after work, both of us met up at the pond. Suprisingly, for once, our fishing started on time.

We quickly rigged our bait and started to fish. I had my line in the water first. Navin cast about 10 minutes after I cast. About 10 minutes after Navin had his line in the water he got a strike. He gave a mighty strike and managed to get a hook up. After a short tussle, a magnificant baung emerged. First catch for the day.

after the first catch, the action was pretty slow. The next bite only came approximately after one hour of fishing. This time I got a bite on my line. I gave a jerk and managed get a hook-up. The fight was not that great. The fish was quite heavy but put up minimum fight. Only as the fish got closer did it start to make desperate run for freedom. I had initially thought that I had hooked up another baung, but to our suprise the fish was a tongsan. We were using earthworms as bait and didn't expect to get a tongsan (grass carp). It did give a little fight, but I managed to land it. The fish weighted a whooping 1.5 kg. After landing the fish, I joking told Navin, at this rate, we would be able to land 6 fishes in 3 hours. We had only fished for 1 hour and we had already gotten 2 fishes.

The next fish was caught by Navin. This time he had a baung on the other end of his tackle. Quite a fiesty fella. Gave Navin quite a fright by its erratic runs. With the skillful maneuvering of the rod, Navin managed to land a nice baung specimen weighing 1.5kg.

Navin was all smiles after that. Both of us have dis nasty habit of making fun of each other after successfully landing a fish. This time I was on the receiving end. Navin was singing and whistling away. The singing got even louder as he landed his 3rd fish for the day. Yet anopther baung fell for his bait.

We had another 30 minutes of fishing left, the score now was Navin leading 3 fishes to 1. Suddenly Navin's rod took a mighty dip. He gave a strike and managed to get a solid hook-up. From the way Navin fought the fish, we could sense that it was a biggie. As it got closer, we could see that is was another tongsan. By this time, we had attracted quite a following. Most of the people fishing there didn't get any bites. We were the heroes for the night. After successfully landing the fish. A few guys came up to Navin to congratulate him. Among the remarks that he got were "Makan besar la ini malam", "Champion lah you kawan", "Manyak onnggg lu ini malam". The tongsan that Navin landed weighted 2.2 kg. Damn big...

To cap a successful night out, I managed to land the final fish. It was a small baung weighing less than a kilo. Objective achieved...!!! 3 hours, 6 fishes.

Final tally : Navin 4 - Sharma 2.

Total Catch : 6 fishes
Tongsan that I caught : 1.5 kg
Tongsan that Navin caught : 2.2 kg
Navin's baung : 1.5 kg
Total 4 baung caught
Total 2 tongsan caught

p.s. Sorry for the poor picture quality. Taken with a camera phone. Left my digital camera at home.