Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Fathom Bank : Episode 5 - Sneak Preview

Location : One Fathom Bank

Date :
30 September 2006 - 1 October 2006

Time : ETD Tg. Harapan - 9.00am, ETA One Fathom Bank 10.30am. (30 Sept 06). ETD One Fathom Bank - 10.00am, ETA Tg. Harapan 11.30am (1 October 06)

Anglers involved :
Sharma, Navin, Sharveen (newbie), Kesvin (newbie), and 3 other fishos (Navin's friends)

Boatman (tekong) :
Encik Nazami (019-3477766)

Planned Fishing Method : Apollo jigging, casting and bottom fishing.

:::... ONE FATHOM BANK ...:::

Monday, September 25, 2006

Arowana surprise....

Last weekend (24 Sept 06), 6 of us went fishing. The team comprised of Sivan Uncle, Cousin Hari, Cousin Jeishen, Cousin-in-law May, Cousin Navin and the great Krazie Fishie (me lah). We went to Kolam Pancing Pak Uda in Sungai Buaya....

We started fishing at about 4.30pm. We had fished here before and the result were quite good during our last few trips. With that in mind, we expecting a massive haul of fish because there were 6 of us fishing. More rods in the water equals to more fish rite....?? WRONG..!!!!!!!

The fishing started of good enough. We were using chicken liver and earthworms as bait. I had the first fish. It was a small catfish. The fish gave very little resistance and was quickly subdued without much fighting. After some quick pictures, the fish was released back into the pond.

:::... The first fish for the day. Small catfish ...:::

The next fish was caught by May. May hasn't been fishing for many moons now. She used to be active in fishing, but due to work commitments, she was not able join Navin and myself for fishing. She was excited with her first catch. After landing the fish, she started to make fun of her husband, Jeishen. Jeishen was mumbling something about handicap and some other nonsense.

:::... A happy looking May with her tilapia ...:::

The action died down after that. There were no more bites coming. We were all getting a bit bored with the lack of activity. I decided to reach out for my lures. As I was getting my lures ready, there was some comotion at the other end of the pond. Everybody was there, and pointing at something in the water. I hurried over with my casting outfit and what greeted me really shocked me..!!! In the water was a freaking arowana. The arowana was huge, about 3 feet in length. Jeishen and Hari were trying to scoop t up with a net but were unsuccessful. Jeishen told me to try casting for it.

:::... Arowana swimming ...:::

:::... Imagine the fight that the arowana would give if caught on lure ...:::

Everyone was now looking at me... I felt preassured. After a few missed casting, I managed to get the lure in front of the arowana. The arowana hit the lure but I couldn't get a solid hook up. I then tried for the second time.... This time I played it cool.... I would wait for the arowana to hit the lure and make a run for it before striking.... The arowana took another hit at the lure, but no hook up again. I was going to try for the third time when all of a sudden, a small boy came running and stated shouting that we can't fish in the pond. The boy then told us that the fish belongs to his father, and that the fish was initially kept at home. The fish was showing some sign of sickness, so the owner moved it to the pond. Lucky I didn't land the fish, or else we would all be kick out form the pond.

So much for our excitement. The were no more action after that. The action died down and we all felt kinda dissapointed. We went there expecting a harvest of fish but none came. The only consolation for the day was that Navin managed to land the last fish for the day. It was a small tilapia.

:::... A dejected looking Navin with his tilapia ...:::

As a whole, I would say that this was not a successful trip. I think the population of fish in th epond has depleted and the owner has not been stocking up the pond with fish. Hopefully the owner does something about it because the place is such a nice place to hang out during the weekends. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lack of fishing activities

Team Crazyfishermen would like to apologize on the lack of fishing reports for the past 1 month. A few unavoidable things took place thus fishing has taken a back seat at the moment.

To all my loyal reader (if got any la), please be patient. Team Crazyfishermen will be going to One Fathom Bank on 30 Sept - 1 October. Stay tuned for the latest report from me.