Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fishing Buddies Needed

Dear loyal readers (If there is any lar),

Recently I had a problem. You see, me and my regular fishing buddy, Mr. DHL, wanted to fishing. We had the boat and the boatman has agreed to take us out.
Then we had a problem. We didn't have enough people to cover the cost. The boat cost around RM1000.00 and so far we only had two people confirmed. Don't tell me two people go fishing for RM 500.00 each.
We had tried to call all the known fishing buddies that we had, but no one was available.
I have decided to put up this post.

To any fishos out there,
If you ever need any fishing buddies, do drop me a line. I can be contacted at or
If you need people to make up the numbers, you can count on us. The both of us will respond promptly.

I do hope someone will respond to this plea of mercy. We also have some contacts for fishing at One Fathom Bank and a secret lubuk. Maximum 10 people per trip.... Do get in touch with us if you wanna go. We can help you plan a trip down.

Sharma aka Karzie Fishie


KaY said...

i would like to go but only if there were girls in bikini serving beer while we fish. Its not much to ask...issit?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi im more into kelong fishing and i cant seems to find a nice kelong to fish. I have a gang of kaki here and we would be happy if u guys are able to provide us some info of any nice kelong and join us for the trip.

Anonymous said...

hello bro! u can check me out over my freindster mail :

maybe a lot of things about angling can we share! thanx ya!

Anonymous said...

hi thr...lately checked out a bit on ya blogs...interesting...i'm a bottom fisherman all this would like to try jigging....btw planning a trip to P9 this me thru