Tuesday, October 09, 2007

DIY Assist Hooks For Jigging - Part 1

I have toned down my fishing trips drastically for the past few months. My last trip was during the Merdeka Break and my next trip would be during the Raya Break. During the Raya Break, I would be going to the Sun Vista Wreck on 13 October 2007 and Pulau Sembilan on 14 October 2oo7. Both the trips would be pure jigging trips.

In preparation for the upcoming trip, I have decided to do my own assist jigs. Before I share with my readers on the method to do the assist jig, I would like to introduce some of the tools and items needed to do the assist jigs. It helps a lot to have all the things ready in hand before starting to do your own assist rig.

:::.. From top left : Long Nose Plier, Craft Blade, Scissors and split ring pliers ...:::

:::... Mini Vise ...:::

:::... Top : Super Glue, Bottom : Splicing Needle ...:::

:::... Jigging kevlar

:::... Close up of the hollow jigging braid material ...:::

:::... Close up of the solid kevlar material for assist hook rigging ...:::

:::... Various brand and sizes of jigging hooks ...:::

:::... Top left : Split rings, Top Right : Combi Ring, Bottom : Solid Ring ...:::

:::... Close up of sold ring used for jigging ...:::

:::... Close up of combi ring. Split ring and solid ring combined ...:::

:::... Close up of split ring ...:::

:::... Heat shrink tube ...:::

:::... Old braided line. This can be substituted with thread or dental floss ...:::

:::... Hook enhancement accessories. Thin foil of paper like material and soft squids ...:::

:::... Close up of the thin foil of paper like material. Normally this can be seen on apollo rigs ...:::

There you have it. All the required material needed to make your own assist hooks for jigging. In the next few postings, I will show in detail the steps on how to make your own assist hook. Stay tuned for the next episode.


Anonymous said...

when did the next episode of assist hook out?? i'm waiting for it. i'm newbie on jigging

Anonymous said...
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