Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Krazie Fishie Goes On A Sabbatical

Good day to all my fellow anglers and visitors to my humble blog. I am sure some of you might notice that I have not gone for many trips in the last few months. Some of my regular fishing kakis know the reason behind the lack of fishing on my side.

The reason for this drastic drop in fishing activity is because I will be getting engaged on 23 August 2008. So, as a preparation for the engagement, I had to cut down on my fishing. Nevertheless, I will be back full swing (hopefully) after my engagement is done. I already have a few trips lined up and will blog about them once the trips are confirmed.

In the mean time, please do visit my blog every now and then as I would be posting some other fishing related stories to keep all of you entertained while I am away.

I would also like to invite any anglers out there who would like to have their fishing report published on my blog to drop me an email. Please send your catch report with photos to my e-mail. My e-mail address can be found on the side bar.

I also have another blog on my photography exploits. Please spend some time to visit my photography blog.

Speaking about photography, lately I found some of my fishing pictures were published elsewhere. Usually in public forums. I do not mind sharing the pictures to others, but PLEASE drop me an e-mail before using them. And also PLEASE acknowledge and link back the photos to my blog. At the moment, I do not put any watermark on my fishing photos, but I matters get out of hand, I will have to post less photos on my blogs and heavily watermark the photos.

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