Friday, October 07, 2005

One Fhantom Bank Expedition - Updates

Yet another e-mail received from Mr. DHL. This is regarding our fishing expedition to One Fathom Bank.

"Greetings to all,

Well it seems that we are now just 2 more weeks away from our big trip. In terms of planning we now know the target species, rods and line poundage required, the possibilities of a dream catch and so on. I have spoken to boatman Nozami yesterday, telling him to mark his calendar for the 21st and that there should not be any excuses. He says “Encik Nabin, saya sudah store you punya nombor, jangan takut”. However, I think for safety reasons Sharma and I will visit him somewhere next week and pay his half the amount so that there will not be any last minutes surprises like the one I had experienced with Fauzi the idiot! I also made it clear to him that he is to be with us throughout the period and be efficient enough moving us around to good spots. He says “itu memang saya akan buat you jangan risau”. Some important information on the tackle:

  • Boat fishing: Suggested no more than 8' feet rod. Must be hardy. No kuci stick rods - if not better not fish! (Rawang shop comments)
  • Lighthouse: Ideal length 9' feet and above. Sharma now holding record with 13' footer. Longer the better, baru boleh layan.......
  • Reel: Medium to big (line capacity 300 metres and above)
  • Line Poundage: 40 lbs and above
  • Leader: Encouraged to use wire leader for Tenggiri, Barracuda/Parakuda
  • Rig: Tackle shop owner will brief us on appropriate set-up/use
  • Lure/Jigs: Can be used over there - Rawang shop demonstrated technique of 'how-to'.

So I guess we will be spending a few hundred ringgit on the above. As for me, he laughed at all my rods except for the 9'. One of my reels is OK for the trip. You could take light tackle but remember it is for Apollo jigging. Anyway now that we have the information on the above, we need to plan other stuff such as food, drinks and other necessities that will be deemed necessary. Also need to plan on how many ice boxes, the ice, lights, bait, net or gaff etc.

Please do provide your suggestions on what is needed. As far as possible we should travel light bringing only the required items. Please provide me with suggestions so that I will come up with a list and also appoint who is to do what. Sharma has volunteered to bring the 'tempurung' to disarm the pari in it's lock position (it works, basically you glide the coconut shell down the line, and this will tickle the pari to loosen up its grip - then you wank up a.k.a "Tempurung Strategy"). Jeishen you may want to invest in a lifejacket if you are not sure of the one that will be provided. As time is nearing, and as all would like to have a rewarding trip, please do provide feedback and comments on how we go about this and items needed.

Thanks and regards,

Navin a.k.a. Mr. DHL"

Looks like all of us extra bersemangat. I hope this time will be THE GREATEST fishing trip ever. Hopefully lar.

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