Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pak Uda, Sungai Buaya Paypond

Location : Pak Uda Paypond, Sungai Buaya, Rawang.
Date : 16 July 2006 & 22 July 2006
Time : Late Noon
Bait used : Earthworms
Number of rods : Sharma : 1 Rod, Navin : 1 Rod
Price : RM20.00 for 4 hour of fishing. (Per Rod)
Total Catch : Nothing big. Belida, tilapia, ketutu and pacu

It has been quite sometime since Navin and myself had gone fishing together. My sister's wedding is getting closer, and I am trying not to look like a baked human for her wedding. So I have been limiting my fishing to late evenings and night fishing.

We headed down to Sungai Buaya to this paypond that we had seen before. This would be our first time fishing there. The pond has lots of tilapia. The size of the tilapia is not that small either. Quite big. I would say more than a palm size.

:::... The Pond ...:::

We quickly rigged our rods and proceeded to fish. Navin got the first bite. We were talking and he didn't pay too much attention to his rod. Suddenly his rod took a dip and fell of the rod holder. Lucky his reflexes was quite quick. He managed to grab hold of just in time. After a short fight, he was rewarded with a handsome pacu.

:::... Navin with his pacu ...:::

The action died down after that. Small tilapia were constantly whacking our bait. Then it happened..!!! I got two strikes in a row. The fishes we not big and didn't put up much fight. But I must say that it was a good fish. Too bad there were quite small. They were quicly released after a quick photo session.

:::... Baby Belida caught by Krazie Fishie ...:::

:::... Baby ketutu caught by me ...:::

The action died down after that. We had minor incident that I would think is worth mentioning here. Sorry Navin. The story goes like this, the both of us were busy talking away and suddenly Navin's rod took a mighty dip. He leaped from his seat to grab his rod, but too late. His rod and reel had olready gone flying into the water. I was laughing so hard till tears started to roll down my cheeks. What a site that was. He looked at me and he was laughing as well. In all our years of fishing, this was the first time that the rod had gone flying into the water. Luckily the pond onwer was around, and we managed to get back the rod and reel. Boy.... I should have taken a picture of him. Too bad....

---End of Part 1---

The following week, we came back to the same pond. This time Navin had a strange contraption with him. Meant to secure the rod in case it decides to go flying again into the water.

Our return trip was not so productive. Yet again we caught a ketutu and a belida. Both were released with a photo taken. The only notable mention was a catfish by Navin.

:::... Catfish by Navin ...:::

This pond is still one of the better ponds that the both of us had gone to. It was quite clean and the fishing fight well. There could be another trip coming in the following weeks to come. Stay tuned folks.

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