Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blast From The Past

Here are some pictures from my dad's collection. Some of the pictures are quite old and were taken while I was still an infant. Some pictures has my face in it, try to identify me if it is possible. There are more pictures in my dad's collection. You will all have to wait till I get back to Sabah before the next batch of pictures can be scanned and posted here.

:::... This was taken during the early 80's ...:::

:::... My dad (holding fishing rod) and my uncle fishing from a rocky outcrop somewhere in Sabah ...:::

:::... My dad fishing from a barge that came to the estate he was working in ...:::

:::... A typical Sunday morning outing during school holidays in the estate. Such a wonder atmosphere. Fishing and having BBQ right by the stream. Those were the days ...:::

:::... My mom holding up a tilapia caught in a pond situated in the estate my uncle working in ...:::

:::... My cousin holding up a tilapia caught in the same pond in the above picture ...:::

:::... Fishing platform on the pond. Pond situated in a palm oil estate ...:::

:::... Me (yeap.. it's me) and my cousin fishing in a longkang in my dad's estate ...:::

:::... Nice big pond in the middle of a oil palm estate ...:::

:::... That's me sitting down next to my uncle in the front row ...:::

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