Sunday, June 10, 2012

Layout Change

Good day fishos... I'm sure some of you regular visitors (if I still have any) may have noticed the changes I made to this blog. I've decided to change the layout and template of this blog. The last template was about 4 years old and quite graphic heavy. It takes sometime to load the whole page due to the many images in the background.

This new template is more more pleasing to the eye. Not much clutter and the link positions are well placed. I have also updated my Chat Box. The previous box that I used has already expired. Do drop me a line on my chatbox and we can chat over there. If you have a fishing blog/site, please do not hesitate to request for link exchange. I don't mind putting up you link on my page.

I have also removed some dead links. Most of the dead links are no longer accessible or has not been updated for a long time. I will add more links as I browse more fishing sites on the net.

Please do drop me a comment on this new layout. I'd love to hear your feedbacks.

** Gear update : My tackle is on its way to Sabah. Hopefully my one piece rods arrives in one piece. *fingers crossed*

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