Monday, July 02, 2007

Daiwa Freams 4500J and Galis Jigman X4

During my last trip to Pulau Sembilan, I came to realize that the reel that I was using was not suitable for a light jigging trip. The reel which I was using was a Penn 7000 Series. Can't really remember the model though. With that in mind, I found the perfect excuse for getting a new reel. Hehehe...

I asked around and the feedback that I received was quite good. Many recommended Daiwa and Shimano. Shimano is out of my budget, I decided to looked around for a Daiwa reel. There a a few in the market at the moment, Daiwa Caldia Kix, Daiwa Freams Kix, Daiwa Capricorn and Daiwa Freams J just to name a few. After hunting high and low. I decided to get a Daiwa Freams J. Why Daiwa Freams J? Simple.... Because it is CHEAP..!!

Here are some specs that I managed to find from the internet.

Japanese domestic model, saltwater spinning reel. Super lightweight and strong metal body, airbail, anti-backlash system, infinite anti-reverse II, aluminum machine cut handle & power knob, 4 corrosion resistant ball bearings and water proof carbon drag.

Line Retrieved Per Handle Turn: 93cm
Gear Ratio: 4.9:1
Weight: 470g
Maximum Drag Power: 9kg
Line Capacity PE: PE3(30lb)-400m, PE4(40lb)-300m
Line Capacity Mono: 14lb-250m, 17lb-185m, 20lb-140m

:::... The Box ...:::

:::... Daiwa Freams 4500J ...:::

:::... Daiwa Freams 4500J ...:::

:::... Changeable Left / Right Hand Retrieve ...:::

:::... Drag system ...:::

:::... Spooled with 30 lb Jigman X4 300 m ...:::

:::... Power handle with the standard knob ...:::

:::... Another view of the reel ...:::

:::... Different view of the power handle ...:::

:::... Latest addition to the family Daiwa Freams 4500J ...:::

:::... Schematic diagram of the reel included in the packing ...:::

:::... Schematic diagram of the spool included in the packing ...:::

:::... Loaded with 300m of 30lb Jigman X4 multicoloured braided line ...:::

:::... Japanese brand. Hope it is good ...:::

:::... 5 different colours with each colour denotes 10m of line ...:::


sunday fishing said...

i am also need a new reel. and 4500j is on my list...

how much?

i'm targeting to buy banax gt 5000.. but if 4500j is 40 bux away, i might put it into consideration....

Anonymous said...

Im targetting 4500J too. Would like to know its performance and its cost. Would it be an overkill for landing 2-3kg fishes?

Krazie Fishie said...

Hi guys...

The price range for the Freams J is about RM 300 - RM 350, depending on the tackle shop. You might even be able to get from somewhere cheaper.

The performace of the reel is good. For fish between 2-3 kg, shouln't be a problem.

Happy fishing...

Shaharizan said...

i bought one,when i was vacation last month at Pahang,Malaysia..around USD100.
Actually Fream is new version of Exceler...i check in internet and tackle shop,its good reel for middle weight(1kg-7kg)..also good for jigging,but not for casting.

Shaharizan said...

one more thing,Exceler fream J system bearing and interior almost look like Saltiga Z.Anti-interior corrosion. I almost have more than 10 reel in different brand,but for me Daiwa was the best.Chip and steady.

Mancing said...

I have the "exceller" type one.. And I realy loved this reel..