Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TOMMAN Seagame SGJ Single Speed Reel Failure

For the last trip to Pulau Sembilan, May had bought a new reel for jigging purpose. The reel that the bought was a TOMMAN Seagame SGJ Single Speel jigging reel.

Below are some information that I managed to get from TOMMAN website.

These reels are specifically designed for medium to heavy Sea Game Fishing with sizes ranging from 12 to 130. Smooth effortless free spool combined with smooth, strong drags will enhance your deepsea fishing pleasure and experience. Blending Chinese manufacturing prowess and American design and technology, the TOMMAN Sea Game series of fishing reels has finally been released into the fishing world. Made of almost entirely high quality machined aluminium and stainless steel, we are happy that TOMMAN developed a product you can confidently use for a lifetime.

SEAGAME SGJ Features :
  • One-piece aluminium frame, spool and side plate.
  • Multi anti-reverse mechanism for better durability.
  • Sealed stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Stainless steel gears / shaft.
  • Micro-adjustment design, easy to use for flexible line winding.
  • Drag materials are of aircraft grade which features anti high temperature, anti-friction, anti-corrosive, providing a strong and smooth drag power.
  • Easy refilling design, you can refill the oil any time for better smoothness.
  • Two-speed shifting system for easy switching the gear ratio.
All the above features sounds good eh. Strong reel, high capacity spool, stainless steel, anti this, anti that, bla..bla..bla...

May had just started to use the reel for some light apollo jigging. Not the heavy jigging stuff. Just some light jigging using apollo rig. Halfway jigging something totally unexpected happen to her reel. The handle from her reel just came out. It did not break. It just popped out from the socket. Initially, we all thought that she might have accidentally loosen the handle, thus enabling the handle to be removed from the socket. We all tried to put it back but the effort seems fruitless. Finally the boatman took the reel and inspected it.

According to the boatman, the reel did not break. What happened was, there was a screw in the reel which was not tightened properly. Classic example of POOR WORKMANSHIP and POOR QUALITY CONTROL. May paid more than RM400.00 for this particular reel, and to be confronted with kind of problem early in the trip is such a damper. Luckily the boatman had some spare rods and reels with him. May was able to continue fishing using those tackle.

May had requested me to publish the photo and do a short write-up on the incident in my blog. Here is a word of advise for all the fishos out there, be careful when buying your tackle.



sunday fishing said...

i'm sori to hear that bro.... well.. i happen to me once, a puyu reel stuck at no reason... i bought that spinner at 20 bux... so no further action but throw it away..

Terry J said...

I have used this mine for 2 seasons. I would pick it over Avet, Shimano, or daiwa any day of the week. I have never had a problem, and have only had sucess with all of the tomman reels. The SJG reels have much more power than the Avet reels. I get offers to buy mine all the time. Sorry, any reel that has required not 1 minute of work in 2 hard seasons...well worth the high price!

dwen said...

My friend had a fairly new Tomman 2 speed that just jammed during a trip and had to be sent back to the local TCE shop for fixing..luckily he had a backup rod and reel. He ended selling it off after fixing it and got a Shimano 2 speed. For the prices they are charging for these China reels rebrands I'd rather put my money in a Penn, Shimano, Daiwa or even an Avet anyday. At least I can be sure my tackle won't fail me when I have a big fish on the other end. If the Chinese saying: "good things not cheap, cheap things not good"..this has to be the worst (in ur case): not cheap and failed totally again somemore on the first outing. LOL