Monday, September 26, 2005

Krazie Fishie : How big was it?

Funny topic eh... Here is the story behind it. Me and my regular fishing kaki Mr. DHL, went down to Port Klang to fish. It was a pay pond which stocked up on saltwater fishes. From the pictures that was posted at the pay pond management office, it looked VERY promising. VERY...VERY...VERY promising indeed.
MR. DHL has been there 4 times and I have been there twice. I'm sure you all are wondering how many did we manage to get. Are you ready?

NOTHING...!!!! TAK ADE...!!!! KOSONG...!!!! ELLEK...!!!! MEI YOW...!!!! ZERO...!!!! NIL...!!!! ZILCH...!!!! NAUGHT...!!!!

According to the guys who are maintaining the pond, we should know where to find the lubuk where the fishes are supposedly chilling... Entah betul ker tidak. (Loosely translated as Dunno true or not).

However the place does look promising. I guess it is just a matter of time before we finally strike it big in that pond. I have a gut feeling about it. I'm sure about it. We did manage to get a few hook up but sadly we didn't really hook the fish properly. The few hook ups that we got were rather strong. You can feel the fish on the other end trying to make a run for it. Only if we could have landed the fish. What an article this could have been. I wonder how we could have possibly missed the fish. I reckon the whole bait would have been in it's mouth. How on earth did it manage to unhook itself. Hrrrmmm......

Anyway, we are planning for another trip this weekend. Hopefully this time everything turns out well enough. Hrrmm.... Till then.... Stay tuned.....

"Fishing is a delusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes." ~ Don Marquis

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