Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My First Peacock Bass

Last Friday (12 May 2006) was a public holiday. Not wanting to waste an off day by sleeping, Navin, Jeishen, May and myself planned to go fishing at the ex-mining pond in Rawang.

This trip would be the third trip for me (read : Peacock Bass hunting and Haruan Heaven). Everything for the trip was set. The frogs had been purchased, 3 bags of Cacing Gila, dedak and also chicken intestines.

The plan was to meet up at the pond at about 7.00am. Studies has shown that fishes usually feed early in the morning. However, we only arrived at the pond at 8.00am. Why the delay you ask?

I was supposed to pick Navin up from his place at about 6.30am. I called him from 6.30am up to 7.30am. No answer. Tried his handphone and his house phone. No answers. I think I made almost 50 calls to him. Feeling angry, I left a voicemail and left his place.

The action at the pond was quite slow. Not much bites. There were a few bites but no solid hookups. I tried to do some casting but that was also providing no action.

The sun was now burning us. It was a midday sun and you can guess how hot it was. Jeishen and myself we taking refuge under the trees when suddenly the bells on my Abu Garcia rod started to give a tingle. I quickly ran to the rod and got ready to give a stike. Once more the bells went off and this time the rod took a dive. I gave a firm strike and FISH ON..!!!!

The fight was brief, and the fish didn't give much fight. Could be because the rod, reel and line that I was using was meant for a diffent kind of fishing. The fish also provided us with an arial display.

In the end, I was rewarded with a handsome peacock bass, slightly bigger that the size of my palm.

There were no more bites after that. As the sun was getting too hot and unbearable, we decided to call it a day and wowed to return different day.
:::.. Small but colourful ...:::
:::... Proudly showing off the fish ...:::


Inevitable said...

There is this pond near Bandar Permaisuri. My dad caught a number of them last week. But the colour fade away quickly when he put into our aquarium. You should check it out and best time to fish, after 6pm

Krazie Fishie said...

Where is Bandar Permaisuri? Is it in Rawang?

sharkgila said...

Ishk. Bangganya dia.

shatha prkhash said...

Anna,did you release the fish?